Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Green smoothie - 187

Lately I've been buying spinach and not eating it before it goes bad. So I got some and am determined to use it! So I made my very first green smoothie this morning. Eh. Not really impressed. Will have to seek out various recipes to see what will improve the taste for me. I used spinach, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, flax seed and almond milk.

Looking back, I see that I really haven't posted photos since JULY! Part of that is because of a slow gaining back of around 10 pounds. :-P Will try to get back into good habits and posting photos more.

Cutting out dairy, gluten and corn is quite the challenge. They put corn syrup in almost EVERYTHING! I bought some coconut milk yogurt to try and it was delish! So I'm going to find more of that kind of thing because I do love my yogurt!

Weight today - 187

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Burnett Christmas photos

Just got home and the trip west was much quicker and certainly less stressful than 9 hours in a blizzard!!! Kitties are VERY glad to see us. And it's always good to get home after a trip.

A fairly good photo of the four of us.

My kids with their Grandpa

Saturday, December 26, 2009


We have had a wonderful Christmas with family here in Arkansas.

We left Colorado on Tuesday evening during a snowstorm. It was AWFUL! Saw a VERY bad wreck on Hwy 24 before we got onto the Interstate, which was also snow-packed with blinding snow coming down almost constantly. We only got 300 miles in about 9 hours before stopping for the night/morning in Wakeeny, KS. We were afraid that we'd be stuck there for 48 hours, but when we got up around noon (we'd stopped at around 5am), it was no longer snowing. The roads were still snow-packed for a little while, but after Hays, KS, the roads were pretty clear. We did run into some rain, too that day, but it was a great improvement over the previous night. We were all pretty tired and cranky. We'd taken 2 cars, so I was driving during the blizzard and at first the next day. But then the kids were in one car and we lost them a couple times in Oklahoma. They eventually got back on track with the GPS. :-)

On Christmas Eve it started snowing/sleeting here so we did have a white Christmas. My older sister's family from Texas are thoroughly enjoying the snow and my nephew's Siberian Husky, Tifa is REALLY enjoying herself! And guess who forgot her camera - yeah, me. As my daughter said, I'm more likely to forget one of my kids rather than my camera! But my sisters, brother and nephew's girlfriend all have great cameras so I'll just a disk of photos from them. Will upload photos later. My younger sister got a FANTASTIC photo of my family on Christmas Eve, so that will probably be the first one I put up.

I saw my sister's chiropractor on Thursday and she did all kinds of testing on me. (It was my sister's gift to me.) I showed a sensitivity to dairy, wheat and corn. So I'm going to try a 2-week detox by eliminating those major 3 and see how I feel. (That will start AFTER we get home, though I have been limiting my intake of them.) She also recommended a couple of supplements, which I'm going to take and my cardiologist can kiss my butt. ;-)

I hope all of you have had a happy and healthy Christmas with family and friends. We celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is your scale stuck?

I'm just reminding myself of all the truths of working on weight loss. :-) Last week at a business women's luncheon, I bid on the MK Satin hands set and it included a weight loss book and journal. I would rather stick with my flat belly diet but am excited to have a bona fide journal to use. :-)

Great encouragement from Denise Austin:
Fitness Flash
Is Your Scale Stuck?

Many times, people who start my plan become worried when they notice a weight gain instead of a loss after their first few weeks of exercising. Or they're concerned because they've added plenty of movement to their day, but the pounds just aren't dropping off.

If you're exercising and eating right, the most likely explanation for why you don't weigh less is actually good news: your increased activity is building muscle! Don't panic: Additional muscle mass can cause you to weigh more, but it looks much more trim and fit! Muscle tissue also uses more energy than fat, meaning you'll be burning more calories even when you're not exercising.

So try to focus on more than just the scale! Don't forget to measure lost inches with a tape measure and the Inch Tracker, and remember that even if you're gaining muscle weight, you're increasing your fat-burning potential and reshaping your figure at the same time. Be proud — you're working hard and your body is changing for the better. Keep it up!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

10 pounds to go?

Love this advice from Denise Austin. Actually, after my recent gain, I have 20lbs. :-P

Ask Denise!
10 Pounds to Go!

Q: I've lost close to 50 pounds, and now that I'm finally down to the last 10 pounds, I'm finding it hard to stay determined. How can I keep up my motivation?

A: Congratulations — you've done a great job so far! The last 10 pounds are usually the hardest to lose, but don't give up! The best way to rev up your metabolism is to add another five minutes to your routine. Try light walking around the block, toning exercises, even light isometrics (resistance exercises during which you hold a position for a set period of time). These will all help speed up that metabolism and burn those extra pounds. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water and curb snacking in the evening. This will help you get over your last hurdle. Good luck — you're almost there!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

HYC Check-in

Hanging in there. Definitely feeling better. Got back into the exercise habit the past couple of days. Maintained over the holiday so that's cool. My goal is to really focus on weight-lifting. Found a gorgeous dress for the New Year's gala at the Broadmoor and it has spaghetti straps. So need to firm up the flabbies. Those of you as close to 50 as me know what I'm talkin' about! ;-)

We woke up on Thanksgiving morning to an oven that didn't work! Zoinks! Hubby started looking online and found a recipe to grill the turkey. It was the BEST turkey we've ever had, so tender and juicy! Everything else we did stovetop or microwave for Thanksgiving. Got up the next morning and the oven turned on just fine. Too funny. But we plan to always grill the turkey now!!

Eat Right!
Get Your Superfoods!
Looking for a way to get even more bang for your nutritional buck? Try these "superfoods"! They're loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to help you feel great, and they even help fight disease! Incorporate them into your diet today!

* Almonds: A source of "good" fat, almonds can help your heart by lowering bad cholesterol!
* Berries: They're jammed with vitamins — particularly vitamin C — but new research has found these sweet little sensations to be ace disease fighters too, helping to prevent bladder infections and even cancers, among other illnesses.
* Broccoli: Folate, vitamin C, calcium — broccoli is packed with all these awesome nutrients. Now researchers think it might also fight cancer!
* Avocado: The large number of calories in a serving of avocado is totally worth it! This source of healthy fat contains a ton of vitamin K and potassium and is also associated with lower cholesterol and even the prevention of breast cancer!
* Salmon: Low in calories, easy to prepare, and amazingly good for you — what's not to love about salmon? And the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon are great for your heart!
* Olive oil: Another good fat! Besides making your food incredibly tasty, olive oil can also protect you from heart disease.
* Green tea: So much research has touted the benefits of green tea, it's hard to know where to begin! But here's a sample: A Japanese study in 2006 showed that green tea lowered the risk of death from all causes. How's that for a superfood?