Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I haven't posted since April? Holy crap! Yeah, that hospital stay for my son was 8 days. That was soooo not fun. He did recover and has been doing rinses ever since, says he can't tell much difference from the surgery. The good part to come out of that was seeing a different hematologist at the adult hospital who questioned the treatment by Children's Hospital docs. He retested Kendall's blood and sent it to 3 different labs and they were all negative for the clotting disorder, so Kendall is no longer taking coumadin! HOORAY!

Traveling back and forth to Texas to spend time with hubby (and now my daughter is living there, too) has been a little stressful. I got up to over 197 and stayed there for quite a while, so I decided to take really shake things up and did the calorie shifting fomr the FatLoss4Idiots website. Lost 9lbs in the 11 days, so I need to do it again.

We have made the decision to make the move down to Texas. People are getting laid off at the office here in CO, but my husband's job has plenty of billable work in Texas. The house went on the market, has been shown several times and we have two young couples very interested. One took a second look today and our agents are talking. Hopefully will find out more tomorrow. I'm getting a gorgeous house in Texas - with a pool. That was a requirement for me moving down there. :-D