Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Feel like I'm being held over a cliff in midair, just waiting for the decision on what the future will be for us. It's a little annoying. I'm tired of it. My hip still hurts, so I've been resting it. Every time I do anything, go grocery shopping or take my son to the clinic, I'm sore again. So do I need to exercise it more, rest it more, am I developing arthritis in my "old age" or what? Grrrrrrrr And the way I'm craving cookies, pretty sure I'm PMSing big time.

Still am procrastinating on seeing the doctor about my hip. I'm just afraid I won't like what she has to say no matter what it is. :-P

If you are on Facebook, look me up - June Burnett. I tend to post there more frequently. :-D

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Still here

Looks like we will not be moving to Texas after all. Everything is still complicated. Hubby's company did not get the contract, but his friend who got promoted to be the boss wants him to come down to SA to be his #2 man. Hubby says if he did, it would not be permanent. 6-12 months maybe. His other friend wants to create a position down there for him that WOULD be permanent. Plus he's getting offers from other companies. It all gives me a headache! :-P I just want to know what is going to happen. NOW! Patience is not my strong point.

While in Iowa I did physical therapy workouts with my sister in the pool and my hip was hurting after one day of swimming. (Those scissors underwater are killer!) Well, my hip is STILL hurting and it's been over a month. If I sit for a little while, it's really sore and stiff when I get up. We've done some dancing and that doesn't seem to help either. :-) I've been doing some gentle stretches on a physio ball, and the chiropractor does adjustments on it, but I think I might have to bite the bullet and call the doctor. If the doctor tells me "rest until it feels better" I'll have to scream! Dare I hope for PT referral for maybe some ultrasound therapy?