Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hormonal cravings

Heavens to Betsy and pass the Thin Mints!!!! Definitely getting to be that time. What? ChipsAhoy cookies are BOGO at Safeway? FILL THE CART!

My doctor called in a prescrip for prednisone for me. The first dose gave me some relief for a few hours, but now it's back. Time to take some benadryl and hit the sack. I'd like to work at the gun store tomorrow, but will have to feel a lot better than I did today!

Sick again :-P

Oh, the tight band is around my chest again and I feel like I'm coughing out a lung. Ugh. I'm going to rest and not exercise for a few days. So much for my streak. Rats. Drinking echinacea tea, emergen-c, and lots of water. Chicken soup sounds good right now, too, so I think I'll fix some of that. I got some of the Progresso 0-point soup, even though I'm not doing WW.
Here's a new photo of my babies. Ming was curled up sleeping on my nightstand and Nico jumped up to terrorize her. I was going to post the photo of where he tackled her and was biting her neck, but it looks a little less than g-rated. LOL (Dude, she's your SISTER!)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The worst diets

Someone from the website found my blog and sent me a link to an article they've posted on 25 of the Most Ridiculous (and Ineffective) Popular Diets. It's a good read.

Final Wed weigh in - 190.8

Well, this week was one big upswing in weight. :-P I'm back down to 190.8 so up less than a pound from last week. 10.2lb loss for the challenge. Continuing the fight. Gotta run so will check in later with others.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cute kitty alert

If she wasn't so dang cute, she'd have been in BIG trouble for being on the table!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday Weigh In

Down 1.6 from last week and holding at 190.0. I'm happy. But REALLY want to get down into the 80's for next week!!!! Off to lift weights and do the abs.

2 1/2 weeks to the gala! I haven't cut out my dress yet, so I need to get busy. But this afternoon, I'm working at the gun shop. :-D

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday weigh in

First my kitty published SIX posts with no text and just a few characters in the title. Silly thing. Here she is in more innocent moments.

Today's weight - 190.0!! So close to the 80's I can taste it! ;-) I've lost 17.4% of my original starting weight.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Back down - yay! - 190.6

Today's weight back down to 190.6. I'm so happy. I've been doing really well this week with eating and with exercise. Hard work shows! :-D

Friday, February 15, 2008

Stop Boredom Eating!

From Denise Austin's Morning Stretch

If you reach for food when you've got nothing else to do, hold on! There are plenty of calorie-free ways to pass the time. Why not try one of these distractions instead?

* Call a friend and catch up.
* Clean your house, car, or desk.
* Relax with a pot of herbal tea.
* Take a bubble bath.
* Walk the dog, or just go for a walk if you don't have a dog.
* Kick back — or dance — to some tunes.
* Get creative — paint, draw, stitch, strum! Whatever you do, find an artistic pursuit you enjoy!
* Crack open that book you've been meaning to read.
* Go out in the garden and pull weeds, prune, or plant.
* Volunteer! Get involved in helping others.
* Write a letter or an email to a friend.
* Dream! Use downtime to make plans for your future.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday weigh-in

Up 1.2 from last week to 191.6, but since I got my period on Sunday, I'm not freaked out about it at all. And actually, gaining less than two pounds at that TOM absolutely THRILLS me since I used to see 4-5lb gains then. So I think the healthy choices are making a huge difference. The challenge REALLY helps me stay on track.

Seeing some definition in my abs - yay! Lost an inch in my bust. Probably due to the cyst being gone. LOL

Gotta do my workout and then go to the chiropractor, so will check in with others later.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Broke my exercise streak

Because I had a seriously ca-razy day, which can be found out about on the family blog.

Well, I decided to UNbreak my streak. I did some abs stuff on my stability ball and the Shapely Secrets workout and now I'm ready for bed. I can't believe I lasted this long. But Ming was curled up on my lap sleeping for a while and I just love it when she comes and curls up with me, so I couldn't bear to move her. Until I REALLY had to go to the bathroom. ;-) Tonight's weight is a low for night-time weigh-in. So hopefully that will be good news tomorrow morning! Fingers crossed.

Visit to the surgeon

Well, all went well today, I guess. The surgeon drew out over 40cc's of nasty, absolutely DISGUSTING gunk out of the large cyst (or maybe two of them) in my right breast. I told him I'd have to buy a smaller bra now. Bwahaha. He thought it was pretty funny, too. I was pretty sore afterward but am relieved to have it taken care of and have a mammogram scheduled for the end of the month.

I did start my period yesterday (Sunday), so that explains the weight fluctuations and rabid cravings lately. :-)

Friday, February 8, 2008

What the heck?

What is with this weird pattern of gaining once weigh-in day is over????? Actually, yesterday I was up two, today back down one. Pretty sure my period will be starting this weekend so that might be part of it.

Our kittens are so cute. Ming, the female, is sitting behind my neck and she's still a little congested so she's breathing hard in my ear and it tickles like crazy. OW, the claws are out and she's biting my ponytail. What a goober. She can only get away with this because she is the cutest little kitten EVER. Aw, now she's sleeping and I need to do my weight lifting. Already did the treadmill.

When I started making my protein shake, I hit the blender button and the kitties scattered. Nico was right by the food bowl, so his back paw hit the bowl and food went flying everywhere. It was hilarious.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday weigh in

WOOHOO!!!! Today's weight 190.4, down 2.4 from last week's weigh in. I was totally shocked since I only got 4 hours of sleep. I usually weigh more when I don't sleep at least 8 hours. I had to upload the link to Everybody Dance Now video again. Got app'ts this morning though, so I'm off! Will check in later with others.

Doin' the happy dance!

Oh, yeah! Almost forgot to get my 10lb button. My starting weight for this challenge was 201. So I'm editing this at a later time. We went to the chiropractor this morning and I had my pap smear app't this afternoon. I'm soooo tired. Need a nap. But my hubby comes home from a business trip soon and LOST is on tonight! Hooray, new episodes! ;-) Dang, I forgot Lost was switched to Thursday nights. That is going to totally mess me up. And it's the same time as CSI - rats! Will be utilizing DVR for sure.
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While I was out today, I bought some new walking shoes, too. They are Dr. Scholl's and I'll be gellin' on my treadmill! ;-)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Good day/bad day/good day

One of those. Mostly, life is good and God is faithful!

Today's weight - 191.4 - yay! Was pleasantly surprised after the gains I'd been having.

Did something REALLY stupid at the fabric store. Got the pattern from yesterday's post and decided to get crepe backed satin instead of using the red material I already have. Found a gorgeous pink color that is MY color. (My mom sent me a hat and every time I wear it, someone comments on how they love the color.) I also got some lighter pink liner fabric. AFTER she'd cut it I looked at the pattern and realized it gave the yardage for 60" wide fabric. And yes, the one she'd cut was just 45" wide. I felt like crying. She said I could try laying it out and if it didn't work I could go back tomorrow and get my money back, so I went ahead and took the fabric and then looked at the other patterns I'd listed to look at. One is a jacket and skirt and I may be able to make this one work with the fabric.

This was my daughter's choice of the patterns I was looking at. And with the cold weather here, it might be more practical. I bought the other pattern anyway. I love that dress and WILL wear it. Maybe to my high school reunion this summer. ;-) The only thing I'm really worried about is the adjustments I have to make for my long torso and my good friend who helped me with the gold dress last year has moved to Ohio. :-(

Then tonight I went to our local caucus and volunteered for 3 different positions since the other 25 people there seemed pretty UNwilling to be delegates. There were a few that finally agreed to it. My goal was to get involved and I sure did that. :-D It was fun and I'm excited about it.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday, Monday

Having an upswing in weight again. Sigh. But I think most of it comes from a very LARGE cyst in my breast. :-P I have an app't with a surgeon for next week to have it aspirated. This is an ongoing thing with me. It stinks, but it's my life.

OK, part of the upswing could have something to do with the movie popcorn on Saturday and the DIBS I finished off last night. LOL (Dibs are yummy ice cream treats that aren't that bad for you if you LIMIT them.)

I think I have selected a Vogue Pattern for the dress I want to make for Gala '08. Since it's a Hollywood Red Carpet theme, I'd make the one with a train. And I already have a big piece of RED fabric, so I think that's what I'll use. What do you think? I should be able to wear my black jacket from last year with it. And I'm having a Premier Jewelry party next week so I've got some jewelry picked out that I think will look great with this dress. (If anyone needs anything from Premier, let me know and I can place an order for you!) :-D

Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday weigh in - 191.8

Today's weight - 191.8. WOOT! Hope to keep this trend going. Hubby's company is having their gala on March 8 and the theme is Red Carpet. I've been looking online at dresses and patterns since I can never find a long formal gown for my long, tall frame off the racks.

This is the dress and jacket I made last year for the James Bond 007 theme:

It would be perfectly appropriate for a Red Carpet theme, too but since all of the same people will be there, that just wouldn't do. Plus I've lost another 20 pounds since then so I may go a little slinkier. ;-)
Here's the dress I made for gala 2005 when I was probably at my heaviest: