Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Good day/bad day/good day

One of those. Mostly, life is good and God is faithful!

Today's weight - 191.4 - yay! Was pleasantly surprised after the gains I'd been having.

Did something REALLY stupid at the fabric store. Got the pattern from yesterday's post and decided to get crepe backed satin instead of using the red material I already have. Found a gorgeous pink color that is MY color. (My mom sent me a hat and every time I wear it, someone comments on how they love the color.) I also got some lighter pink liner fabric. AFTER she'd cut it I looked at the pattern and realized it gave the yardage for 60" wide fabric. And yes, the one she'd cut was just 45" wide. I felt like crying. She said I could try laying it out and if it didn't work I could go back tomorrow and get my money back, so I went ahead and took the fabric and then looked at the other patterns I'd listed to look at. One is a jacket and skirt and I may be able to make this one work with the fabric.

This was my daughter's choice of the patterns I was looking at. And with the cold weather here, it might be more practical. I bought the other pattern anyway. I love that dress and WILL wear it. Maybe to my high school reunion this summer. ;-) The only thing I'm really worried about is the adjustments I have to make for my long torso and my good friend who helped me with the gold dress last year has moved to Ohio. :-(

Then tonight I went to our local caucus and volunteered for 3 different positions since the other 25 people there seemed pretty UNwilling to be delegates. There were a few that finally agreed to it. My goal was to get involved and I sure did that. :-D It was fun and I'm excited about it.

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Heather said...

congrats on your loss! and also I think its great about volunteering at the caucus..very important!