Sunday, March 17, 2013

Moment of truth - Weigh in - 178.4

Sheesh, this is ridiculous. So I'm going to bite the bullet and put the number out there so I can move on from here. This is actually down 3 pounds since yesterday. After 3 weeks of PMSing (yeah, so not fun!) my period finally started. Happy Birthday to me! :-P First day - I usually have major salt craving so I feel like sitting down with a bag of Fritos and a can of bean dip. But I won't! :-) Tonight we're going out to Coco's Chocolate Lounge for my birthday dinner, so my indulgence will be there.

I went to get my blood drawn for the follow-up Thyroid panel with the cardiologist and I am BACK on my Thyrostim. I'm sure that my body was completely off balance and out of whack because I haven't taken that for 2 months, so I was DONE! Started taking it again on Tuesday. Coincidence with the weight drop? Due to the time of the month, it could be anything.

Tomorrow morning hair app't, then we'll be leaving for a wedding in Louisiana this weekend, so I'm sure my exercise pattern will be off for the next few days. Will get back to it on Monday. :-) Hopefully the spring break crowds will be gone at Sea World and I can enjoy walking there again. (Although I think some schools have next week as SB, too, so it might still be bad.)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Walking every day!

I have been doing great at walking and getting 10,000 steps in. Sea World is open every day in March, not just the week of Spring Break. It has been great walking with no crowds to maneuver around. It's almost been like a ghost town! Today I went on the roller coaster and was one of two people riding! :-) Here's a pic of the Great White:
Alligators chillin', the Steel Eel coaster

Atlantis water ride
Ghost town Sea WorldOne of my dolphin friends