Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Healthy You Update 183.8

Up a bit from last week. I feel the PMSing comin' on. Starting to crave all things salty (and mini powdered sugar donuts!) :-) Did get 5 days of exercise in last week, so I'm definitely happy about that. Need to get some more sleep! I've really felt wiped out lately. Might help if I didn't stay up so late. Will try to work on that this week.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A review of past posts

Looking back over my journey, I realized how very little blogging I did in 2011. I guess it all started when I started having so many health issues with low blood pressure and high heart rate back in late 2009. Saw a cardiologist, who was an arrogant a** that ridiculed anything naturopathic or chiro related, so after following his advice for a while and seeing no improvement, I went off the meds he'd prescribed. One was a beta blocker that people take who have high blood pressure, but mine was too LOW, and the other was basically caffeine, which makes no sense to me when my heart rate was too HIGH! Huh?? I went to a naturopath and got tested for nutritional deficiencies and started taking the supplements he recommended and have finally seen improvement! So I'm sticking with that regimen for now! Still having some dizziness once in a while, but taking it slow usually helps. Funny thing is, the naturopath said the same thing as the cardiologist when it came to sodium! They both said - you need to add salt to everything! And when I get dizzy, I put some sea salt in my water or eat something salty. AND, since taking the supplements, I haven't had to get any cysts aspirated in my breasts! So I've definitely seen improvement with some of my long-running problems. So for anyone who was with me way back then, that's the long story made very short. :-D

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Healthy You Check In - 183.4

Down 2.8lbs this week. Had four days of activity last week, much better than zero the week before! :-) Started the week out well with 30 minutes on the treadmill yesterday. Unfortunately, after the move, the display isn't working. It turns on, but just says zero so doesn't track time or speed. :-P

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Going back to the Broadmoor

Can't wait to go back to Colorado and celebrate my birthday at The Broadmoor! If you are wondering why I love it so much, check out THIS post from September 2009! Or THIS one from the family blog, and this one from this blog from our New Year's celebration there Dec 2009. :-)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Interesting day

Did 20 minutes on my stationary bike (with a kitty climbing my chest and nuzzling my neck the whole time.) Then drew a hot bath. Read for 20-30min in bath, when I got out I felt a little light-headed, checked my heart rate and it was up to 180. BP had also tanked. Whoa. Took it slow, put some salt in my water bottle, went to my chiro app't. Talked with him about my dizzy spell on Sunday (and this morning) and he said the high cedar levels affect some people that way. So I'm wondering if that's the issue. He also said the same thing my naturopath says about adrendals with the low bp and high heart rate. After a great adjustment, went to get a 90min massage. Feeling good! :-D

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Checkin' in - 186.2

It's been a weird week. Weight was all over the place. Doin' the perimenopause thing. Had a couple of cycles that were 2 months apart, then 3 weeks after the last one, got it again. (So fun PMSing every two weeks.) :-P My cravings are for salty stuff, which I need for my low blood pressure. Woke up Sunday morning and the room was spinning. Hadn't been drinking the night before either! :-) Even laying down, everything was spinning. We had tile put in the master bath on Friday, so my husband wondered if it was the fumes.

Today's weight is finally down and I'll take it! :-) 4lbs since last week.

Figured I would add a photo of my newly painted bedroom (will get stuff up on walls this week.) We had a water leak in the master closet over Christmas. The plumbers put 4 holes in the walls looking for it and getting it fixed. So insurance paid for repair, painting and flooring. WOOHOO!

I was thrilled to get the carpet out of the bathroom and replaced with tile. I hate having carpet around the toilet! We have enough tile leftover to take out the carpet in the bathroom on the kids' side of the house, too.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another New Year - 190.2

We celebrated my daughter's 24th bday at The Magic Time Machine. She wanted us all to dress in costume, so I borrowed one of her Renaissance costumes. We had such a great time! This restaurant has servers dressed in costumes and they all loved it that we were, too. Kisa was Vash the Stampede from Trigun - a Japanese anime series. Our server, Zorro, recognized her, but most of the others asked her who she was, one asking if she was Michael Jackson! We did the Roman Orgy from the menu. Brisket, chicken, potatoes, carrots, various fruits and bread. It was actually pretty healthy food with no heavy sauces.

I've been pretty much maintaining my weight since Thanksgiving. I was sick the week between Christmas and New Year's and basically spent the whole week in bed, eating very little. I lost 4lbs, but gained it back when I started eating normally again. Trying to get back into the exercise habit. My sister started a group on Facebook for making healthy choices and honoring God. So I've enjoyed that group for encouragement and accountability.