Thursday, July 15, 2010

MUCH better

My 11 day vacation with family and friends in the land of my childhood (and a change in medication and supplements) has done me a world of good. Feeling much better. And after wanting to stay here in Colorado and let hubby get an apartment in TX, I'm back to wanting to go with him. Well, not really wanting to live in Texas, but I don't think Ken would survive without me. He was pathetic when I was gone not even 2 weeks! :-D Anyway, we're looking at houses again. Ken's friend got an offer on his house, so we won't be getting that one, but are looking into building in the same subdivision. So that is kind of exciting. Probably wouldn't be moving until October. So lots to do with getting my Colorado house ready to put on the market. :-P

Anyone know someone needing a house in PARADISE????

But this week is for scrapbooking with friends. :-D

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Having a BLAST!

Enjoying time with family and old friends. Will post more details later, unless you do Facebook and want to look me up there. :-D In the meantime, wanted to post this photo my sister took of me at the lake earlier this evening.