Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So I guess it won't keep the format I use with paragraphs? ANNOYING! :-P I don't want to have to figure out html again.

Checkin' in - 181.0

Since I started my period yesterday, I'm totally cool with the small bump up with the weight. I've been craving all things salty and since I had major health issues last week with tanking blood pressure and high heart rate, I really upped my salt intake over the weekend. For five days in a row, my blood pressure was low 90's over low 60s and hr was 140s just walking around the house. We went out Friday and after dancing the cha-cha, my hr got up to 180! (My max is supposed to be 143 since I'm 52yo. So I've been journaling everything. Water intake, salt, supplements, food, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

I started thinking back about stuff. A few months ago I had a physical with my primary care manager (pcm). She called with blood results and said everything looked good, but my vitamin B level looked high so told me to stop taking it (I told her I took several supplements as recommended by my naturopath.) I'd been taking 1 B complex capsule 3x daily so I cut it down to 1. Well, I realized that this might have corresponded with the timing of my increasing migraines. And after consulting with her over the migraines a few weeks ago, she'd started me on topamax, an anti-epileptic drug, to prevent migraines. That has made me dizzy, clumsy and I'm having MAJOR problems at night with perception when I'm driving. I hate the way it makes me feel. :-P (Friday afternoon I did call her and left a message about the bp, hr thing, asking if it might be related to the topamax. Got a message Saturday morning from her tech saying she recommended I drink 6 glasses of water a day. Gee, thanks. I drink about 5 20oz bottles of water a day.)

I also realized that over the past several weeks, I've been staying in bed longer, so delaying having anything to eat, therefore often only getting in 2 meals and only taking my supplements 2x a day instead of 3. A couple of them I'd adjusted, but I hadn't on my magnesium and vitamin C.

Soooooo, after thinking about all this and posting to my naturopath's facebook page and getting his advice (that 180 heart rate really kind of concerned me!) - he also mentioned increasing water, salt, magnesium and making sure I support adrenals and thyroid, all of which I'd noticed where I'd let up a little bit. So now I'm just making sure to keep up on all my supplements, making sure I get several small meals (my chiro also discovered a hiatal hernia - fun!) and carrying salted nuts with me. It's a constant battle! Keep fighting the good fight!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Checkin' in - 179.6

Ugh, I hate changes! And I guess it really shows that I haven't been here in way too long when it takes me a good half hour to figure out how to sign in! :-P OK, so I'm checking in. I like what the scale says today!!! Let's see if I can keep it below 180. Not feeling good right now. Have started a new medication to prevent migraines, which have been weekly for a while - so NOT fun! Now I've got that rushing in my ears again and I'm thinking it might be the new med. Went to my chiro on Friday and he did the adjustment on the jaw muscle, which helped, but I think I need to go back. Need to look around and get this new blogger format thing figured out. Last week I flew to Chicago to celebrate my younger brother's 50th b'day and we had a great time!