Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Checkin' in - 181.0

Since I started my period yesterday, I'm totally cool with the small bump up with the weight. I've been craving all things salty and since I had major health issues last week with tanking blood pressure and high heart rate, I really upped my salt intake over the weekend. For five days in a row, my blood pressure was low 90's over low 60s and hr was 140s just walking around the house. We went out Friday and after dancing the cha-cha, my hr got up to 180! (My max is supposed to be 143 since I'm 52yo. So I've been journaling everything. Water intake, salt, supplements, food, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

I started thinking back about stuff. A few months ago I had a physical with my primary care manager (pcm). She called with blood results and said everything looked good, but my vitamin B level looked high so told me to stop taking it (I told her I took several supplements as recommended by my naturopath.) I'd been taking 1 B complex capsule 3x daily so I cut it down to 1. Well, I realized that this might have corresponded with the timing of my increasing migraines. And after consulting with her over the migraines a few weeks ago, she'd started me on topamax, an anti-epileptic drug, to prevent migraines. That has made me dizzy, clumsy and I'm having MAJOR problems at night with perception when I'm driving. I hate the way it makes me feel. :-P (Friday afternoon I did call her and left a message about the bp, hr thing, asking if it might be related to the topamax. Got a message Saturday morning from her tech saying she recommended I drink 6 glasses of water a day. Gee, thanks. I drink about 5 20oz bottles of water a day.)

I also realized that over the past several weeks, I've been staying in bed longer, so delaying having anything to eat, therefore often only getting in 2 meals and only taking my supplements 2x a day instead of 3. A couple of them I'd adjusted, but I hadn't on my magnesium and vitamin C.

Soooooo, after thinking about all this and posting to my naturopath's facebook page and getting his advice (that 180 heart rate really kind of concerned me!) - he also mentioned increasing water, salt, magnesium and making sure I support adrenals and thyroid, all of which I'd noticed where I'd let up a little bit. So now I'm just making sure to keep up on all my supplements, making sure I get several small meals (my chiro also discovered a hiatal hernia - fun!) and carrying salted nuts with me. It's a constant battle! Keep fighting the good fight!

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