Tuesday, November 24, 2009

HYC check in

Forgot about checking in! Went to my chiropractor yesterday and she did the thing to my jaw joint again on both sides. It hurt, but it definitely helps! My ears feel better and I don't hear the blood rushing around anymore.

Weight is still up. Need to get back into my walking habit! Sneezing like crazy and my sinuses feel like they are filling up. So I may be coming down with something. Ugh. Took some Emergen-C and think I'll go to bed.

Good news alert, though. My son had his annual CF app't today and he was up SIX POUNDS since Sept. That is a reason to celebrate!!!! He is ALMOST on the growth chart, near the 5th percentile. BMI is still waaaaay too low, though. But the doctor was really happy with the gain.

Here are 7 Snack-Smart Guidelines

And here is The Vending Machine Survival Guide

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Great lists

The 20 Worst Restaurant Foods in America
I need to get my son to eat Outback's Baby Back Ribs every night. Maybe that would help him gain weight! =O

The 10 Best Foods You Aren't Eating

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dove dark chocolate

Here's an interesting article from the Prevention Magazine website - Dark Chocolate and Antioxidants

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I went to my chiropractor on Tuesday and she did some weird thing, sticking her finger deep into my jaw on the right side. I iced it according to her direction that evening. Yesterday I kept a heating pad on it because it felt good. And today, my ear is feeling SO much better. Now that the right side is feeling good, I can tell that there's a bit of pressure on the left side, too so I may go back and her do that on the left side, too. I can't remember what she said it was, but it worked!

Yeah, I'll take that "voodoo" medicine every time! ;-)

Monday, November 16, 2009

And today I fell

Literally, fell. Got out of bed to go to the bathroom this morning and my bladder was full so I probably was moving a little more quickly than I should with POTS. As I got to the bathroom door, things were going black, so I grabbed the door frame on one side, the other hand grabbed things hanging on the over-the-door-rack which all came tumbling down, so I fell backward and sideways and slammed my upper back onto the corner of the cupboard attached to the wall opposite from the shower. I guess that was probably preferable to putting my head through the shower door, eh?

I will confess to several non-family friendly words coming out of my mouth. It HURT! Plus I was just PO'ed that I fell. I'm 49 years old, not NINETY! Felt like calling my cardiologist and telling him that he's an ass and why am I so much WORSE than when I first went to him?????????????

Weight is up and I'm just not going to worry about it right now. I'm PMSing on top of everything else and I'm CRANKY. I'm sure my hubby will validate the truth of that.

Oh, and I noticed after having cereal that my ear (just the right one now) got worse, so I'm going to do some trials with milk - avoiding it and using rice milk for a while. The POTS website did say that some patients do have problems with dairy. Of course my doctor would probably consider that "voodoo medicine." Stupid quack.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Weight down a bit more to 184.8.

I don't think this is tinnitus. It's not really a ringing, it's my pulse. I can hear the blood rushing around. So I'm hoping that if I can get my heart rate under control, it will ease up. I didn't get the new med until last night. Walmart has having problems with the insurance connection and when we picked it up last night, it says not to take it within 4 hours of going to bed. So I took the first dose this afternoon when I got up.

Need to get my sleep pattern under control. Staying up way too late and I know that hampers weight loss and health.

Some great lists:
8 Fatty Foods with Health Benefits
This will warm your heart as it encourages eating some of your beloved foods that you are avoiding because you THINK they aren't healthy.

The Truth behind 5 food myths
OK, the one on salt validates what my cardiologist said! ;-) I definitely need to try to increase my potassium.

Edit to note: Blood pressure today 101/67, heart rate 86 before walking on the treadmill. My cardiologist actually wants to get my BP UP, not down. :-D Yesterday and today I have noticed that my heart is getting lower than it has in a while, so maybe the new med is what I needed. Have an appointment at the acute care clinic at 10:40 tonight! Figured I would take any app't I could get today. Need to go by Walmart and pick up a new book before I go.

Monday, November 9, 2009

HYC check in

Well I've been yo-yoing with a pound the past week. This morning's weight was 185.2, so still a net loss of 1.2lbs since last week. I'll take the loss. We went dancing Saturday night. I get a little light-headed if I dance too much, but it was fun. Today I walked on the treadmill for 25 minutes. My heart rate was up to 156, so I didn't want to push it for too long. I'm going to keep it kind of low key for a while. But I'd really like to lose 10lbs by New Year's and get a fab new dress for the gala at The Broadmoor. ;-)

The doctor's visit was still unsatisfactory. He said I'm a "puzzle" and he wants me to try another med. Still have the noise in my ears and it's still driving me nuts. I guess I need to go to a regular doctor and get my ears checked out. I have a follow-up app't with the cardiologist in six weeks. And since he REALLY pissed me off last week, (don't want to go into details right now) if I'm not measurably better then, I'm going to tell him he's fired since he hasn't helped me any, so I choose not to see him again.

Lynn at Actual Scale is having a giveaway for a $50 Amazon card to celebrate her 50lbs lost. Check it out!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday - down again!

Was completely shocked when the scale said 184.0 this morning. Stayed up way too late reading. (A pox on that Dean Koontz!) ;-) But I'll take that 1.4lb loss in 24 hours.

TSO is so amazing!!!

We completely enjoyed the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert! Check out their website and you can listen to some of their songs. They had some new band members and a new stage. There were a few times when my ears were hurting, but with the loud music, it drowned out the internal sounds in them! ;-)

We like to make their concert an annual holiday tradition, but as I mentioned, I missed the past couple of years. They announced tonight that they will be doing a SPRING tour as well, so my daughter and I plan to go to that if at all possible. Hubby hates the traffic and the crowds and my son doesn't like the main male vocalist. (In fact, he didn't want to go tonight, so we invited my friend's oldest daughter. It was fun taking someone who'd never seen TSO before.) Of course, they've been saying every year for 4 or 5 years that their Night Castle CD would be coming out in the spring. Hopefully the spring tour will happen THIS spring! ;-)

Way too late. I need to get to bed. Good night!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday - down again

Down another .6 today for a whole pound since Monday. I think I'll continue this trend. ;-)

12 Lies Your Menu is Telling


Down .4 today. Can I continue? We'll see.

Today my son had his app't with the neurologist and they did the nerve conduction test. He said it was the worst test he's ever had to endure. :-( It showed that there was significant damage to the nerve, but it is re-enervating. I think that is the word she used. Anyway, there's still some weakness, but he's LOTS better and she said he should get 100% recovery. But it may cause him problems when he gets older with weakness or aching.

Tomorrow night (Wednesday) we go to the TSO concert. Yay! I have a feeling it may not be totally enjoyable if my ears are still ringing, but last year we were in Arkansas and missed it and the year before I was sick, so I'm NOT missing this year. My daughter just bought their new Night Castle CD and it totally rocks.

Monday, November 2, 2009

HYC check in - 186.4

Decided to bite the bullet and change my ticker to the true weight. Up 10 pounds or so since August. Ugh. Didn't want to admit that, but it doesn't make it go away! My head is still making lots of noise and it may very well be driving me INSANE! When there is other noise around, it sounds like someone dragging a box across the floor. When all is quiet, I can tell that it's my heart beat. The fast heart rate has been worse. Today when I got up, I just put some laundry away, cleaned up some clutter in the kitchen and heart rate was up to 150 at one time. What the ........?????? I called the cardiologist and left a message about it. An assistant called me back and I'm trying a different med. I see the doctor on Friday.

Our video camera has died. :-( Would love to be recording our cat right now. He's being terribly cute.