Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Getting back on track

I am back into good habits. Last week was weird and I had a huge bump up in weight. So I'm giving my body time to adjust and figure out what it's doing. I did have some extra eating, but not seven pounds worth! :-) I feel like I'm trying to come down with something or maybe it's just allergies with the ever-changing weather at this time of year. Hitting it with essential oils and supplements. Actually, I was out of a few supplements for about a week, maybe that's what messed up my body.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Healthy Heart Weekend challenge MET!

Did 10,000+ steps, total of 97 minutes aerobic walking at Sea World today. It was a BEAUTIFUL Texas day with sunshine and low humidity! I took breaks to interact with the bottlenose dolphins a couple of times, too.
Nonfat froyo was my reward.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back to 173.2

Lyrics from the song The Incredible Shrinking Woman:
Lifting weights, squats and crunches, I’ve made myself quite buff
Stronger than a locomotive, now I’m powerful and tough
The Incredible Shrinking Woman, that's what my friends call me
Each day a little smaller, it's a miracle to see

This pic was from May 2008 and I was 191 lbs. Down almost another 18 from then! Woohoo! Got this shirt and a Skinny Songs CD from Heidi Roisen. She used to have a website with all kinds of fun shirts with the titles from the CD, but the website is no longer there.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just for fun - my sweet Nico!

Crazy fluctuating weight!

Must be that time of the month. I'll be up one day and down 4lbs the next. Not gonna even record my weight this week, going to let it sort itself out and pray the number is down when it all settles out! :-) Mostly doing the right thing, with occasional cravings. Blood pressure continues to be normal! WOOHOO!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Another pound gone - 173.2

HOOAH! Let's keep up this trend, please! :-)

Last night my husband and I walked to our subdivision's gate and back - 2mi walk. While heading back toward the house (it had gotten dark) I felt something furry between my legs and jumped a mile! (We have skunks, wild hogs, coyotes, all kinds of wildlife around here, our backyard is like a small jungle - we have about 2 acres.) It was an adorable orange tabby kitty. I reached down to pet it, then went to keep walking. All of a sudden, he was in front of my feet again, so I had to jump over him. We kept telling him to go back home! Got back to the house and had dinner with the kids, son took the garbage out into the garage and came back saying "All right, who kidnapped the kitty?" Orange tabby was shut IN OUR GARAGE! The kids went out and fell in love, very affectionate kitty, they got him out of the garage and shut the door, then daughter went around to come in the front door and he followed her. The other cats were at the door freaking out, hissing and growling. My son said if we didn't already have 3 cats, he'd definitely bring it in. When he stopped petting it, it tried to climb his legs! Definitely a cutie! No collar but it looked well cared for, so we figured he has a home somewhere! No sign of him when I went out this afternoon, so hopefully he's back with his family. It was funny that he followed us home and got shut up in the garage!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday weigh-in - 176.0

Back up to 176.0, so up 3 from the cruise, which isn't that bad! What has me cautiously optimistic is that my blood pressure has been NORMAL for the last several days. And this morning, while doing the bike and mini-tramp, my max heart rate was 125, not 140-150 as it has been in the past. I had tapered down my two medicines my doctor wanted me to, and have been off those for a few days. So I'm encouraged! As long as the migraines don't come back, I'll be VERY happy!

These two guys were our favorite bartenders on the cruise. Gennady (on right) was Ukrainian and would make me "special" drinks that weren't on the menu. They were always delicious! Sasa was Croatian and getting ready for his first vacation in 9 months (and they don't have days off!)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Had to add this photo, too. :-D The free Tequila Tour taught me all about how tequila is made from the blue agave. The many tastings taught me that I LOVE tequila made from the blue agave! :-D And the next day - I felt great! Not even a sign of a headache. Yeah, we bought a few bottles. Some of the flavored, too. Yummmmm.
Here are the bottles we bought. Found out we should have stocked up, when this tequila is available to order here in the states, the price is twice as much as we paid!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Back home! What a WEEK!

This is my favorite photo of the whole week. It turned out so much better than the pro one taken on the ship. :-)

SUCH a great cruise on Carnival Magic for a whole week. This is us and the friends who went with us. We did the Catamaran Sail in Montego Bay, Jamaica and it was such a blast! So many stories and we laughed so much! We stayed VERY active, used the stairs more than the elevators, walked regularly around the deck and danced every night except the last night when my ankles were badly swollen and I just hurt all over. I was adventurous with my eating, trying new things, and kept pretty good eating habits. Right now I'm up about 1.5lb from before we left, but I'm giving myself until Wed. to adjust for an official weigh-in.

This place had all of the pieces to perfectly capture the Corona commercial vacation photo. :-)