Friday, February 8, 2013

Another pound gone - 173.2

HOOAH! Let's keep up this trend, please! :-)

Last night my husband and I walked to our subdivision's gate and back - 2mi walk. While heading back toward the house (it had gotten dark) I felt something furry between my legs and jumped a mile! (We have skunks, wild hogs, coyotes, all kinds of wildlife around here, our backyard is like a small jungle - we have about 2 acres.) It was an adorable orange tabby kitty. I reached down to pet it, then went to keep walking. All of a sudden, he was in front of my feet again, so I had to jump over him. We kept telling him to go back home! Got back to the house and had dinner with the kids, son took the garbage out into the garage and came back saying "All right, who kidnapped the kitty?" Orange tabby was shut IN OUR GARAGE! The kids went out and fell in love, very affectionate kitty, they got him out of the garage and shut the door, then daughter went around to come in the front door and he followed her. The other cats were at the door freaking out, hissing and growling. My son said if we didn't already have 3 cats, he'd definitely bring it in. When he stopped petting it, it tried to climb his legs! Definitely a cutie! No collar but it looked well cared for, so we figured he has a home somewhere! No sign of him when I went out this afternoon, so hopefully he's back with his family. It was funny that he followed us home and got shut up in the garage!

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Gwen said...

Congrats on the lost pound!