Monday, February 4, 2013

Back home! What a WEEK!

This is my favorite photo of the whole week. It turned out so much better than the pro one taken on the ship. :-)

SUCH a great cruise on Carnival Magic for a whole week. This is us and the friends who went with us. We did the Catamaran Sail in Montego Bay, Jamaica and it was such a blast! So many stories and we laughed so much! We stayed VERY active, used the stairs more than the elevators, walked regularly around the deck and danced every night except the last night when my ankles were badly swollen and I just hurt all over. I was adventurous with my eating, trying new things, and kept pretty good eating habits. Right now I'm up about 1.5lb from before we left, but I'm giving myself until Wed. to adjust for an official weigh-in.

This place had all of the pieces to perfectly capture the Corona commercial vacation photo. :-)


MargieAnne said...

Cruise holidays are so much fun. Hoping do be able to go with on one about this time next year. Will be the 10th anniversary for the group we join and like you say .... Should be a blast.


Jessica said...

Looks like you had a blast :)

Katrin said...

I love cruising. Looks like you had lots of fun. 1.5 lbs is great for a cruise. That will come off when you are back to your normal routine.

Shannon Lavery said...

So jealous! Your pictures look like you had a wonderful time. Love the one of you in the chairs and the one on your fb of you dancing so pretty and sweet. 1.5 pound is nothing way to go!