Thursday, November 29, 2012

Health Issues

Oct 19th I saw the PA at my docs office, a reminder why I hate MDs...OK, he's a PA, but close enough. Needed a new prescription for my Flonase so I had to go in plus they'd called and said the doc wanted me to get my B12 rechecked because it was high when I had my physical. PA looked at my nose, said it's swollen, more than just allergies, wondered if I might be starting on sinus infection, told him I didn't have green stuff coming out. On to blood work, checked my labs from before, said my liver levels were a little high, too but didn't think the high b12 would cause that so I asked what would. "If you are fat." I said, "OR??" (Since that obviously isn't my problem, ya jerk!_ "Or if you have chronic hepatitis B or hepatitis C." I just stared at him and waited for him to say something else, wondering what the current sentence was running for assault. What a douche bag. Then he started babbling about other tests he wanted to run, checking my MMA. I asked what that was. Said it was to check to see if I needed any B. Tried for more information, he just repeated himself. Lord, have mercy! Took me back to one of techs and mentioned he needed to fix the door knob in the exam room, so they left me standing there while they went to find the tool to do that. I stood there for TEN MINUTES and he finally came back and said "Did you get taken care of?" I said "NO, she hasn't been back since you both left to get the tool to fix the door!" So he took me into the lab tech, he took my blood, then I got out of there. I was SOOOOO annoyed.

So, that definitely cemented the decision to change PCMs (primary care manager). I did like my doctor, she's around my age, so can relate to a lot of the perimenopausal stuff, but the location is a real pain to get to, 17 miles from the house through horrific traffic usually, and a friend of Ken's goes to a doctor who's office is just 7mi down the road and she sounds like someone who is open to naturopathic stuff, too. I dreaded making the call to switch, don't always have good luck with the Tricare people on the phone, but got a very nice young man and he was VERY helpful. And when I checked online 2 days later, the change had been made, so I made an appointment for next week. YAY!

Then I got a phone call Tuesday from the old doc's office wanting me to make an appt to go over lab results, so I figured I would do that and let her know why I'm switching since she had an appt available yesterday morning. She did apologize for the bad experience I had with her PA when I told her about that. And regarding my labs, she said my iron level is low, near anemia, so I'll be looking at that with my new doc. My B12 is still high, too. She also copied all of the labwork for me, so I'll be able to take that with me on Tuesday, so that will be helpful getting started. I've been having a rough time with depression lately and got hit hard with a bad migraine last week. First in quite a while. I'd been out of a few of my supplements so it might be because of that. I did notice that after the doc had told me to cut back on my B supplement was when my migraines increased over the summer, so I had bumped it back up because my naturopath and chiropractor both said that if your body has too much Vitamin B, it will just flush it out, it's not a big deal.

Really need to discuss the Topamax med. Started it to prevent the migraines. It's been working for the most part, but I am NOT fond of the side effects. Makes me clumsy, shaky, can't think of words and I have perception problems at night. I think it has increased the depression problems, too. Doc said cymbalta might be a better choice, so I'll discuss that with the new doctor.

I know mind, body and soul all work together so I've been doing some in-depth Bible study as well. Really good book by Kay Arthur: As Silver Refined has been such a comfort. I really have been unhappy about this move back to Texas, so I'm trying to be "content in all circumstances." It's a daily battle.
Took this photo last night while talking back and forth with friends on Facebook. I was lying on my back, the only way I'll take a pic of myself at the moment. If you saw a certain episode of Golden Girls, you'll know what I mean. Looking and feeling very old right now. LOL

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday morning - 168.2

All time low on the scale since starting this journey, so that's nice.

Actually did some weight lifting and 20 minutes on the mini trampoline today. It's a start.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Checkin' in - 168.8

Right back down - yay! Not sure why, my eating yesterday was basically leftovers and started out with PIE! :-D The human body is a weird thing. This week I really hope to get in the habit of moving every day. The treadmill died, so I need to get out and walk, or do the mini-trampoline or recumbent bike inside.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Checking in - 170.2

I'd say that the day after Thanksgiving and two days after my period started, I'm totally OK with that small bump up in weight! :-) Got SLAMMED with a migraine on Tuesday while grocery shopping in the busyness of pre-Thanksgiving rush - not fun at all! Made it home, had the kids put the groceries away and went to bed. Made an app't with my chiropractor the next morning and the adjustment was wonderful! Was able to get my house cleaned, food fixed and enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with the four of us, plus my husband's brother and his wife, plus a friend of theirs. So much smaller crowd than last year. It was a nice day. Hubby grilled the turkey and it was moist and delicious! It's our favorite way to cook it now!

Monday, November 19, 2012

An introduction to my great niece

I probably haven't mentioned in my health blog who the gorgeous baby girl is in my profile photo, so I thought I'd post an updated pic of the baby girl and introduce her. This is my nephew's daughter Kaia. She just celebrated her 1st birthday on August 31st. She was born 8 weeks prematurely, so it was a little scary at first, but she's a fighter and as you can see, the happiest baby on earth! She has this radiant smile a good percentage of every waking hour and grins like that at the first glimpse of a face upon waking. I was taking care of her on this day, so I got to see the proof of that! My children show no interest in forming lifelong partnerships and making me a grandmother, so I have to enjoy my great nieces and nephews. Kaia is my first on my side of the family with another due next month because my OTHER nephew is going to be a daddy, too - yay! I have a few more on my husband's side, but they live further away.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ideal body weight

Found this article about ideal body weight and it has some great points.

Your Idea Weight Isn't What You Think It Is

Now that I've taken time to figure out this new format, I'm getting used to it and kind of like it! I started a new blog with some political ranting and raving, so that's why my blogger name is showing up as Journo June instead of Mama Bear now. :-) My new blog is at JuneWritesRight - yep, I'm a Conservative. Enter at your own risk! ;-)

Also - I perused my reading list and found just 13 links that are still active or that haven't switched to some kind of selling site. Really? You keep your weight loss title for a blog and are using it to sell crap like insurance or other garbage? Not cool! Anyway, would love to connect again with other health-minded individuals.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ugh - still sick. I start feeling better, then do too much. I never learn. Gonna spend the day in bed. I have water. I might make it to the kitchen eventually for some tea or something. Or I might not. Whatever. Trying to figure out blogger to start a new blog for my political ranting. :-) Be afraid, be very afraid. LOL

Does anyone know how to change your name in the "Posted by" section????? I've been looking for over a freaking HOUR! Taking me forever to figure this new stuff out. :-P I hate feeling stupid!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Checkin' in - 168.8 :-D

Woohoo!!!!! First time in I don't know HOW many years I've been in the 60's! So, yeah, doin' that happy feet dance for sure! Not sure if it will last. I have been sick with a cold and had no appetite. So once I start eating normally again, it might bump up a little again, but it has been really exciting to see that SIX number. YeeHAW!!!!