Thursday, February 3, 2011

True confession time - 195.0

Time to be transparent and take my medicine! Back where I was 2 years ago. Sigh. 2010 was a rough year. With the prospect of moving to Texas, I did a lot of comfort eating. Bad me. Hurting my knee in Feb, then hip in July did not help much. Still battling depression some. Hate having hubby in TX with me here. So a lot of days I stay in bed well into the afternoon. (Same schedule as my kids except the days my daughter works!)

I am using NONE of this as an excuse. No one to blame but myself. I NEED to get back on track so I don't have to buy all new clothes in bigger sizes. :-P

A new business

I've decided to sign back up with Heritage Makers. They are a digital scrapbooking company. Their new program is quite awesome. Digital is the way to go now! :-) It will certainly help me get caught up with putting our family's stories into books!
My Website

I've finished physical therapy, still struggling to get back into the habit of walking. Today my heart rate was up to 175 shoveling snow, so I figured I got my aerobics in for the day! ;-)

So, how the heck is everyone????