Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back to 173.2

Lyrics from the song The Incredible Shrinking Woman:
Lifting weights, squats and crunches, I’ve made myself quite buff
Stronger than a locomotive, now I’m powerful and tough
The Incredible Shrinking Woman, that's what my friends call me
Each day a little smaller, it's a miracle to see

This pic was from May 2008 and I was 191 lbs. Down almost another 18 from then! Woohoo! Got this shirt and a Skinny Songs CD from Heidi Roisen. She used to have a website with all kinds of fun shirts with the titles from the CD, but the website is no longer there.


Diane 150 Pounds Gone Forever said...

Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! I love that shirt and congrats on the loss.

Lyn said...

Love that shirt! You are doing great :)