Thursday, November 19, 2009


I went to my chiropractor on Tuesday and she did some weird thing, sticking her finger deep into my jaw on the right side. I iced it according to her direction that evening. Yesterday I kept a heating pad on it because it felt good. And today, my ear is feeling SO much better. Now that the right side is feeling good, I can tell that there's a bit of pressure on the left side, too so I may go back and her do that on the left side, too. I can't remember what she said it was, but it worked!

Yeah, I'll take that "voodoo" medicine every time! ;-)


Diana said...

Yay for "voodoo" :) Glad you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about hearing the pulse in your ear or something else? Whatever, am thrilled that it's better!
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Kat said...

So glad you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Well, whatever the source, glad you are feeling better! :)

Staci Dombroski said...

Glad you are doing better!!

Sarah said...

so, a doctor just works with your body and it's voodoo...but a doctor prescribes some "medicine" they know very little about because it 'might' work and that seems normal??
Chiropractors know so much more about the human body and the harmful effects of prescriptions and toxins in general...I trust my chiropractor so much more than my GP. Stick with the "voodoo" as you call it and you will be healthier than you have ever been!!! PS: my witch doctor is one of my best friends!! I'm so blessed.

Rhonda Munoz said...

I do agree with Sarah. Chiropractic care has definitely helped change many people’s lives. A lot of people have misconceptions about it because it’s more focused to natural healing processes, but what is great about the practice is that it emphasizes the body’s ability to heal itself.