Friday, February 8, 2008

What the heck?

What is with this weird pattern of gaining once weigh-in day is over????? Actually, yesterday I was up two, today back down one. Pretty sure my period will be starting this weekend so that might be part of it.

Our kittens are so cute. Ming, the female, is sitting behind my neck and she's still a little congested so she's breathing hard in my ear and it tickles like crazy. OW, the claws are out and she's biting my ponytail. What a goober. She can only get away with this because she is the cutest little kitten EVER. Aw, now she's sleeping and I need to do my weight lifting. Already did the treadmill.

When I started making my protein shake, I hit the blender button and the kitties scattered. Nico was right by the food bowl, so his back paw hit the bowl and food went flying everywhere. It was hilarious.


Jan B said...

The cats are so cute. Achoo! Achoo! I am so allergic though. I always go up before a period. I am sure after this one you won't be seeing 190's anymore.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Your kitty is do tiny and cute! I hope you get out of the yoyo soon. I know it's frustrating!

Heather said...

how cute!! sorry to hear about your gain, but I am sure its probably TOM.

jaymiz said...

Awwww, that kitty is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

I grew up with kitties around the house. I even had about 5 strays at my old house. But, when we moved, I had to take them to the animal shelter, because they couldn't come with me to my new house. I was so heartbroken. :-(

Now I don't have any cats -- not even strays. And, I miss them terribly. :-?

Thanks for sharing the story of your kitties, and that picture, too!