Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday, Monday

Having an upswing in weight again. Sigh. But I think most of it comes from a very LARGE cyst in my breast. :-P I have an app't with a surgeon for next week to have it aspirated. This is an ongoing thing with me. It stinks, but it's my life.

OK, part of the upswing could have something to do with the movie popcorn on Saturday and the DIBS I finished off last night. LOL (Dibs are yummy ice cream treats that aren't that bad for you if you LIMIT them.)

I think I have selected a Vogue Pattern for the dress I want to make for Gala '08. Since it's a Hollywood Red Carpet theme, I'd make the one with a train. And I already have a big piece of RED fabric, so I think that's what I'll use. What do you think? I should be able to wear my black jacket from last year with it. And I'm having a Premier Jewelry party next week so I've got some jewelry picked out that I think will look great with this dress. (If anyone needs anything from Premier, let me know and I can place an order for you!) :-D


Heather said...

ooo very pretty!

sorry to hear about the cyst. I hope all goes well. dont worry about the gain, you know you can lose it.

Butterfly 211 said...

My name is Dru you left some great comments for me on my blog Thank you so much I am going to the library and check out the abs diet for women. Thank you again your comments helped so much. Good luck with your Drs appt. my mother and one of my sisters has the same problem.


david santos said...

Hi Mama!
A beautiful place here!
Excellent post! Nice photos.
Thank you.
have a good day