Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christ is born!

Merry Christmas! All is well in Texas this Christmas. A nice calm, non-eventful Christmas. We had a fun family photo shoot before Christmas Eve service and ended up with some fun pics that I snapped when I was testing the light. And when I was testing out how to stand so my hips didn't look 50 inches wide, my daughter was busy photobombing me! :-D

Love my son's face in this one. He said he'll probably make it his profile pic on Facebook.

My son labeled this one "The jolliest a**holes this side of the nuthouse" ala Clark Griswold. :-D
I thought it looked more like a gang on the FBI's Most Wanted list!
I did get a few good shots of my beautiful family!


MIz said...

love the family shots.

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

Great photos, June! Thanks so much for sharing this glimpse of your lovely family!

Ro said...

Such a beautiful family...i lol'ed at the "jolly a**hole"
You're looking amazaballs!
Thanks for sharing these and *cheers to a Wonderful New Year*

Diane 150 Pounds Gone Forever said...

Those are beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing.