Friday, March 2, 2012

Looking for answers

Went to the doctor yesterday to talk about my migraines. She's checking me for allergic reactions. She said she lived here for a while, then moved away, then came back and the second time living here started having lots of allergy issues. She said our bodies can adapt to the allergens the first time we live here, then when we come back, we no longer have the immunities and our bodies can freak out and react more. Something like that, anyway. So we'll see what comes from that. She also refilled the one med that does work for me to stop a migraine, so I have a stockpile of that on hand. Am consulting with my naturopath, too. Today - it's massage time! I think I'm going to add a hot towel treatment.

Proud to say that yesterday, before leaving for my app't at 8:30am, I actually got a 30 minute walk in on the treadmill. For some of you that may not seem like a big deal, but since I'm not a morning person, it was pretty epic for me! :-)

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