Monday, January 14, 2013

A new week

OK, off to a good start. Did the Ultimate Abs ball, my short weight lifting routine, 30min on mini tramp and 20 min on bike. My blood pressure was up in the normal range this morning. Yay! Wonder if that means I can cancel my app't with the cardiologist? :-)

We're leaving on a cruise on the 27th, so I have plenty of incentive to keep up the activity. I've been checking out the availability of everything on board and if nothing else, plan to use the "jogging track" for walks. Looking forward to getting away for 7 days in the Caribbean! We're going with two of my hubby's friends and their girlfriends.

My body gave me a bit of a surprise on Saturday morning with another period just 19 days after the last one started. O_O Not fun, but if it means I WON'T have one during the cruise, that would be nice! If my body decides to just go ahead and have another one that week, I might have to shoot it! :-P Isn't it supposed to get further apart when menopause approaches?????? Blech. But that did kind of explain the shooting pains in my breasts that were a little off on the timing.

Got new glasses on Saturday. Hooray for being able to see! :-)


spunkysuzi said...

Love the glasses!
Mine pretty much just stopped. I think I'm one month away from 1 year!
Can't say I miss it :)
You are going to have a blast on the cruise!!

Jessica said...

Cute glasses :) Have fun on your cruise :)

Shannon Lavery said...

I like the glasses very cute! Cruise ah I am jealous! There are more options that you might guess on the buffets as long as your mind set is no healthy you will be fine.