Friday, January 18, 2013

Cardiologist visit

I've been mulling over what the cardiologist said yesterday. I left annoyed, as I fully expected. Got the usual "There's no evidence supplements do anything good" lecture. I told him I trust my naturopath and chiropractor more than I do any MDs or specialists and that the cardiologist in CO pissed me off. Didn't seem to phase him any.

He suspects it's my thyroid. In the military health system computer he found a blood test from 2011 that showed my thyroid levels as a little off. Of course none of the current blood tests my doctor did were in that system since she's a civilian doctor. He wants me to stop taking Thyrostim for 3 months and redo the blood work he ordered yesterday. He thinks that is aggravating my tacchycardia, I think he's full of it. He also mentioned that the Topamax might have made it worse, and that I totally believe. That's why my primary doc wrote me a lower dose to wean off that one.

The weird thing was when I was checking in, my bp was 140/90!!! I said WHAT??? The gal said, "That's unusual for you?" Uh, yeah, it's been 90s/60's a few days this past week! So they redid it on the other arm and it was 120/80. Smack dab normal. Weird. I wore my gun sweater and got a few compliments on it. :-)

Anyway, every day this week I did get my 30 minutes of exercise, so I'm glad of that!


MargieAnne said...

June this is so frustrating for you. MDs just do not seem to be able to handle stuff like wellneww. They either need you to fit classic symptoms or be half dead of some kind of trauma.

Many years ago I lost faith and declared I would not go near my GP, (General Practitioner), as family doctors are called here, unless it was for something as obvious as a broken leg.

The last year has not improved my opinion although I have to admit we seem to need them.

I have finally contacted a health doctor who has the degrees but practices alternative medicine. I'll see how that works out.

Meantime I guess you have lots to think about and decisions to make. Toe the line or look elsewhere.

All the best.


Shannon Lavery said...

Doctors can be so frustrating! If you are questioning it you should get a second opinion. They are human to and can make mistakes.
Pretty cool gun sweater :)
30 minutes everyday high 5!!

Miz said...

checking back in on you...