Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Abs Diet

OK, this guy is NOT paying me to push this book, I swear! ;-) I just hate hearing people say they are starving and feeling deprived. If nothing else, check this book out of the library and read it. It makes SO MUCH SENSE! He'll tell you WHY your weight will yo-yo if you've been trying different fad diets. The Eating Guide was only $8 at Borders. You can get by with just that book. I am!

Another good book "Flip the Switch" by Robert Cooper. He talks about different EASY ways to kick-start your metabolism. There are several small things you can do every day that don't take a huge amount of time or require hours at the gym.

DON'T SUFFER! There's no need!


Tishia said...

I'm going to definitely check out the book! Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

Becky said...

Thanks for the encouragement over at my blog. I hate it when things don't happen as quickly as they used to. Then I get discouraged. You know the battle. Ugh! Appreciate your kind words.