Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Weigh-In

Today's weight - 200.6! WOOHOO!!!!!!

Why weigh every day?

This was from another challenger's blog and I had posted it toward the beginning of the May Day Weight Loss Challenge:

"There was a study done on it, and researchers tracked hundreds of dieters in three groups. Group one weighed themselves every day for I think it was a year, group two weighed themselves weekly, and group three never/hardly ever weighed themselves. Well, almost everyone in group one lost and kept weight off. Group two lost weight or maintained weight. Group three actually gained a few pounds on average! And these were all "dieters""


~Jennifer said...

Congrats! You are SO close to leaving the 200's behind!

ValleyGirl said...

Congratulations!!!! And Happy Anniversary, too!

I've been weighing myself more often too, lately because I usually binge for a few days after weigh-in, thinking I still have a few days to 'fast,' -- which also never happens, of course. So weighing every day or every other day helps me keep on track better.