Thursday, January 14, 2010

What I'm doing

OK, I have had some questions I haven't addressed yet, so decided to do so tonight.

The journal I got back in December has a page for each day. A block for each meal with a side box for "Trigger and Strategy to Change." I don't really use those since I eat roughly on a schedule, not emotionally. It also has little boxes for Hunger Level, Feelings, Alone or with others. The only thing I really do is record the time and what I ate. Then I record what exercise I've done. At the bottom of each page, it has some questions. Did you exercise today? What motivated you to exercise or prevented you from exercising? What reward did you give yourself today? What is your goal for tomorrow? And then at the end of each week it has a page where you look over the week and evaluate how you did that week. At the beginning of each week it also has a food planner, another thing I don't use, but probably should. :-D

As I have mentioned, I'm trying to give up dairy, wheat and corn. Not 100% successful, but definitely making lots of progress. Some of the substitutions I've found: oatmeal instead of Cream of Wheat, coconut milk yogurt instead of my favorite Greek style (sigh, really miss that!), Pamela's gluten free bread mix (made it in the bread machine) instead of the 15 grain I'd been eating. I'd already switched over to Almond Milk for use with smoothies and on cereal. One other treat I've discovered is frozen coconut milk - like ice cream, but maybe even BETTER! The chocolate is absolutely yummy.

I am still implementing the "rules" of the Flat Belly Diet, where I don't go more than 4 hours without eating, each meal or snack is 400 calories (4 per day) and a MUFA at every meal. For more info on this way of eating, visit's website.

I've been bad about catching up on everyone else's blogs, but am going to try to do better! Thanks to all of you who have faithfully visited mine!


karen@fitnessjourney said...

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your eating plan. I don't eat dairy, but have gone to soy products. I haven't tried almond milk. I'm wondering if it has a sweet taste. Does it work in recipes that call for regular milk?

Staci Dombroski said...

I love almond milk :-)

Angel said...

You may also wish to try coconut milk beverages. I don't eat dairy, and I think they're the best-tasting alternatives to soy milk. They're made by So Delicious, and they even have a tasty coconut milk coffee creamer now, too!

Cammy said...

I don't do so well at the planning thing either. :)

A friend of mine has given up dairy and wheat, but she allows herself one "splurge" every few weeks without any noticeable effect on her health. So maybe you can have your greek yogurt as an occasional splurge?

Farmers Wife said...

Hey, come visit me anytime..I know you are still around..!!

Diana said...

Almond milk? I'm too chicken to try it for the price, but don't like the idea of cows milk or soy (even though I still drink it). Hmmm.

Actual Scale said...

Okay, I'm going to have to go back or something because I missed why you're doing all the dietary changes. You were having health issues (right...?) is this related?

I just bought almond milk last week for the first time & am really liking it in my smoothies & for cereal. I think it tastes a little sweeter but otherwise fairly close to cow.

Best wishes in your endeavor to change your foods. I can only imagine the challenges, especially between the wheat & corn.