Monday, March 3, 2008

Doin' the happy dance!

(But not for very long since dancing makes me cough more.) ;-)

Today's weight - 189.0!! HOORAY! I'm so happy. Just wish I felt better physically. My cough is not going away. And the big gala is this Saturday, so I really don't want to be sick for that. :-P Got my dress cut out yesterday and will start sewing today. But to start the jacket, I need more fusible interfacing. I can get the skirt done, though.

My laptop had to be sent off for TWO WEEKS! NOT a happy camper about that. On Friday I had taken photos of myself in underwear to show the "before" photos after I get to my ultimate goal. I put them in an obscure file, not My Pictures, but it still embarrasses me that they are on the computer when it's going off to be fixed. Yikes. But for today, I will enjoy finally crossing that elusive 180's benchmark!


Michelle said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!Congrats on the scales.

Sarah said...

You go girl!! I'm so proud of you!
My competition just got interesting! Found out another lady has lost 20 lbs! Yikes..she's gaining on me and it's only two weeks until the final day. We'll see what happens. She's worked hard so I wouldn't mind if she wins.

Heather said...

hooray!! congrats on your loss and on feeling better.

Bev said...

WOOHOO!! Welcome to the 180's! Hope you get better soon! ; )

Manuela said...

Congrats on getting into the next set of digits on your "weigh" down, haha!

Hope you feel better soon :)