Sunday, March 9, 2008


It was an ugly, ugly week and this pattern kicked my butt. But I got it done and this is the result. You can't see the train in this one, but it's the best view of the front. I'll refrain from whining about the things that didn't make me happy about the dress. It's not perfect, but it's pretty gorgeous. And it's definitely MY color! And I got the ultimate compliment - from a gay guy who said he loved it.

Here's a view of the train, too. Had to get a photo of me with my gun for my mom. ;-) It's a thing we do. LOL

Should have left the pearl bracelet off. The beads around the sleeves were more than enough. Figured feathers would be too messy. The beads weren't much better! ;-)

More photos on the family blog.


Bev said...

Put the gun down and nobody gets hurt lol. ; ) Good job on the dress!!

Heather said...

you look great!

Nancy said...

You look fabulous! Absolutely fabulous! And I love the black beads. :)