Monday, March 10, 2008

This week's progress

Well, last week one night up until after 3am, the next night it was almost 5am when I got to bed, sewing, sewing, sewing. Got to bed by midnight Friday night, then had to get up for the Republican Party assembly Saturday morning. Woke up at 5 - waaay too early, but couldn't get back to sleep. Not good for the diet, plus I had rabid cravings again thanks to TOM coming on. Thankfully it waited to start until today, AFTER the gala and our fun night. I didn't eat much of the dinner last night; salad, a roll and only 1/2 of the vegetable wellington. Had too much wine, but a fun evening. :-)

This morning we went to the Antlers Hotel downtown for their Sunday brunch (at the recommendation of our friend Paul who owns the gun store.) Oh, it was HEAVENLY!!!! It was definitely my one meal of the week eating whatever I wanted. A yummy omelet, roasted potatoes, lots of fresh fruit, a heavenly cream cheese blintz with berry sauce,champagne, mimosa and a trip to the dessert bar to top it all off. As we were finishing, Paul and his family came in, so we sat and chatted with them for a while before heading home.

My cough is finally slowing down so I plan to get back on track with exercise starting tomorrow morning.

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