Monday, April 19, 2010

Book recommendation and HYC check in

I got this promotional email from Prevention about one of the books I already have and REALLY like. It helped me with changing some habits for a healthier lifestyle. I still didn't lose weight very quickly until I did the Flat Belly Diet, but Robert Cooper's book has a lot of useful info in it. I know the links won't transfer, but go to to order the book or search your favorite online bookstores. :-) One other note on the book - the recipes are fantastic! This is where I got my tzatzkiki recipe and it tastes just like I remember it tasting in Greece. The stuff I've tasted in most Greek places in the states just doesn't cut it! :-)

And for a really cool video of my daughter with the dolphins at Sea World San Antonio, scroll down past this post! Visit my family blog to see a video of me playing with dolphins and one of my kitty chasing ice cubes. :-D

I'm off to the hotel treadmill and will weigh on their scale, then come back and log that. OK, I'm around 183 but it's a different scale and this humidity is definitely making me bloat up. Ugh. Walking LOTS! Logged over 5 miles on Friday and Sunday at Sea World. Saturday was too cold and rainy, so we didn't stay long and it wasn't great weather for walking. The other days, I did a 45 minute power walk as well as the walking we did from place to place. I also bought another stability ball to use here. They are just $9 at Walmart. Will see if one of my friends here needs one when we leave.
Dear Online Reader,

Suppose, for a moment, that losing weight was as easy as...

Taking a few deep breaths...
Enjoying a beautiful sunset...
Calling an old friend on the phone...
Or standing on your tiptoes while you wait to check out at the supermarket...

"Well, of course," you might say. "If it were that easy, no one would be overweight. But it's never that easy. Losing weight is just hard work. There's NO way around it."

That's the conventional wisdom. Yet this conventional "wisdom" has resulted in a phenomenal failure rate. It's been estimated that more than 9 out of 10 diets FAIL in the long run. And I believe that conventional dieting has failed you for one simple reason...

You're Working Too Hard at Losing Weight!

Maybe, just maybe, there's a simpler, better way to lose ALL the weight you want. The better way I'm referring to is explained in a new blockbuster book— FLIP THE SWITCH: Proven Strategies to Fuel Your Metabolism and Burn Fat 24 Hours a Day, by Dr. Robert K. Cooper.

The revolutionary plan in FLIP THE SWITCH teaches you to light the secret fire inside your body, and "switch ON" your body's fat-burning processes inside, so fat melts away with every tick of the clock, 365 days a year.

Follow the simple secrets revealed in FLIP THE SWITCH and your body will have NO choice but to shed excess pounds. The great news for you? You'll get all these other life-enhancing benefits:

Your daily stress will seem to vanish
Your energy levels will soar
You'll enjoy deep, restful sleep every night
You'll awake refreshed and ready every day
Your mind will stay razor-sharp
Your mood will be uplifted

OK, decided I would just add a link since the promo on this book was SOOOOOO long! Click here to go to Prevention's link regarding Flip the Switch by Robert K. Cooper, PhD


Diana said...

Interesting. I will check it out!
P.S. I think I'll be in town from May 10th till June 1st :)
When do you move?

Mama Bear June said...

We won't be moving until October at the very soonest. So I should still be there when you move out to Colorado. :-) I told my friends to plan to crop at my house from the 11th to the 16th. It's a thing where everyone comes when they can. Some of them still have kids at home and one works full time, so during the week not everyone makes it.

Diana said...

You should put a only X amount of days or hours ;) Seriously though, I would love to join you one of those days!

I will move for good on July 3rd, so there should be lots of cropping days before you leave :)

MargieAnne said...

Sounds like an interesting book. I must see how I can get it too read.

Blessings as you count down to Moving Day.

Hanlie said...

That sounds like a really interesting book! I am convinced that they key to health and weight loss is to work with the body, instead of trying to beat it into submission.

Sounds like you're having great fun!