Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recommended by Women's Health! (Also HYC check in!)

Under the SWEETS heading of the 125 Best Food for Women, for the category of Dark Chocolate - DOVE! Personally, I like our chocolate covered, cinnamon dusted almonds even better. Soooooo addictive! And if they knew about the products available through Dove Chocolatiers like myself, I'm sure they'd recommend our dark chocolate covered fruit collection as well! ;-)

But the list is for the supermarket and you can't get that collection at the store, only through the chocolatiers.

HYC check in - I'm still bloated in the Texas heat so I'm not going to consider my weight valid until I get back to my mountain and the clean air of Colorado! ;-) I've still been doing LOTS of walking. Friday and Saturday we did Sea World again. Sunday I forgot to put on my pedometer when I went shopping. Today and yesterday did 60min on the treadmill in the hotel's fitness room. I've noticed my heart rate doesn't get quite so high here at the low altitude, so that's a good thing!


MargieAnne said...

'so addictive'

And you posted that for a group of weight loss enthusiasts to read. You make me chuckle. *smile*

I love your enthusiasm for your product and homemade is almost always better than factory.

How do you keep on your Healthy Path with so much chocolate around?

I would be a cot case. *smile*

Mama Bear June said...

Actually, dark chocolate is a HEALTHY FAT! So I usually only eat the dark chocolate. When it's covering almonds, you get a great source of protein, too so that's a truly healthy snack. As is the dark chocolate covered fruit. The key is portion control. I measure out a serving and that's ALL I eat at any one time. Let the chocolate melt in your mouth to savor the taste and prolong the enjoyment. ;-)
Path to Health

Taryl said...

Sounds delicious! I love my chocolate, and good dark is the best :)

Here's to your bloat settling down, that can be rough (I have my own bloat right now, so I sympathize hugely).