Thursday, April 1, 2010

Period of Mourning

Well, I've had a rough week or two. Cried myself to sleep a few nights. It seems that my time in paradise is limited. My husband has been coerced into a job back in San Antonio. AUGH! Heat, humidity, BUGS, no SNOW! There are a couple of things that still need to happen, but it seems pretty inevitable. If everything falls into place, the final decision will be made in June, then the job starts in October. So once we get the word, we'll put our house on the market here. If it doesn't sell by October, I will stay in CO until it does. But as much as I LOVE Colorado and don't want to move back to the heat, I love my husband more and will follow him where'er he goeth. ;-) (But he will PAY! LOL)

I will confess to doing a little comfort eating, especially with TOM occurring, but it's not too bad. Still taking it slow with exercise because my knee does still twinge quite a bit after I walk or stand for very long. Weight is up a bit this week, but my lack of sleep contributes to that, too. Not sleeping well at ALL!

There are a few good things about moving. We do have lots of good friends there. We can afford more house in TX and I'm requiring a pool. :-) And in SA, they do have really NICE master suites and pretty big kitchens in most of the houses. One of Ken's friends/coworkers has a house with a pool on the market, so we may buy that if he is willing to wait that long to sell. The master bath has two vanities and two walk-in closets. SWEET! Tonight I talked with the realtor/friend who sold our house in SA before we moved here and he and his wife with our former pastor and his wife have been taking ballroom dance lessons, too. And they frequently go out dancing, so that's kind of fun! I had been looking online for a dance studio and didn't see much, but he says they take the lessons from a husband and wife who converted their garage into a studio.

And another good thing, I do have family in Texas. Two of my nephews live in/near Austin and my older sister lives near Houston. And my Dad and younger sister are closer to San Antonio than Colorado. And my younger nephews and niece in AR do enjoy spring break going to Sea World. They spent many a spring break with us when we lived in TX. And my daughter and I love spending time with the dolphins, too. I have missed that! We're going down there later this month while hubby is writing the proposal for this contract. So we'll connect with friends (and our dolphins!) and maybe look at a few houses. I've found 4 strong possibilities if they were to last that long.

Oh, and I'll have lots of work to do getting our house here ready to sell, too. Sigh. That's probably the big part of being unable to sleep! :-P


MargieAnne said...

Moving is always a wrench. I'm glad you are going where you have friends and family not too far away.

San Antonio is supposed to be a lovely place but we never got to visit there. I don't like heat so I'm with you on the change from Colorado to Texas climate.

Hope the weeks in between now and the big move are not too stressful.


Diana said...

So sad. And, I know moving is not fun! But, at the same time you mentioned a lot of good reasons that SA will be a good place!

Is the SA move for the forseeable future, or is it limited to a few years?

Ro said...

Moving is rough....but at least you did find some positive things!
You'll be closer to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Anonymous said...

This is ALL a BIG April Fool's JOKE, right.........??!!?? =(


Cammy said...

Oh, I'm sorry you're having to move. I've only visited San Antonio for a weekend, but it seemed lovely. And it would be especially lovely with a pool...and a hot tub. :)

Farmers Wife said...

I hope your move goes smoothly and don't worry about the comfort eating (as I eat a muffin as I type).