Monday, January 19, 2009

Motivational Monday

From Denise Austin

Motivational Monday
Discover the Power of Positivity

Most of us respond better to encouragement than we do to criticism. No one likes to be reprimanded about what they're doing wrong, or told what they shouldn't do — but few people would pass up a kind word from others that reinforces a good choice they've made!

My online program is all about accentuating the positives in your life and building on them to become healthier, stronger, and happier for the rest of your life. It's about embracing the beauty of a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, the pure physical joy of activity, and the confidence that comes with taking control of the aspects of your life that you can control.

I hope you are feeling positive about yourself and your efforts so far to truly live well. Today, think about how you can share that positivity with others — how you can reinforce their good choices and inspire them to live well too!

Here are a few ideas:

* Help your children develop the good habits of healthy eating and physical activity at an early age by setting an example yourself.
* Show your kids how much you enjoy eating fruits and vegetables and how much fun preparing them can be. Explore the different colors, textures, and tastes with them and encourage them to come up with creative combinations, find their own favorites, and join you in preparing dishes.
* Invite a friend or family member to try a new exercise class with you or to go for a scenic walk someplace new.
* Instead of telling your husband that he "can't" watch sports on TV or play video games, suggest a fun, engaging physical activity that you can do together.
* If your best friend is overweight, listen to what she says about her self-image. Empathize with her, and tell her you love and accept her no matter what size she may be. And help her on her weight-loss journey.
* Cook a healthy treat to bring to work and share with colleagues — rather than the typical cookies, cake, or pie.


Hanlie said...

Very useful advice! Thanks!

new*me said...

All about the positives HERE :) I have to be positive in my life....seriously....when you have the ups and downs of kids, marriage, life in general......imagine if negativity took over? Even when I DON'T WANNA :( be positive, I kind of make myself ;)

Brandi said...

Positivity is one of the key ingredients for personal success or when trying to help someone else succeed. Thanks for the reminder.