Thursday, June 11, 2009

Feeling blech

Not sure why I'm feeling like this. My neck has been spasming and it feels like when you have a fever, feels like a cold knife stabbing you. Went to the chiropractor today and she manipulated it some. It probably is stress accumulating in my neck. Then my stomach has been feeling weird. Thought for a while I might throw up, but my abdomen just continues to cramp up.

The lab called yesterday and when they took my son's blood on Tuesday, they used the wrong tubes, so they wanted us to come in and do it all over again. Kendall didn't go for that AT ALL. He was so mad. So I talked to the nurse and we're going to skip getting the levels and she put him on another antibiotic and we're supposed to go in on Tuesday to see how he's doing. He's feeling better so hopefully we can avoid a hospital stay right now.

I had my lung function test today. I think I did pretty well. Won't find out any details until my follow-up app't on the 30th. (The same day hubby gets back from Korea - he left tonight.) I spent a lot of time napping this evening. Today really seemed to wear me out.

I read the article about Kirstie Alley gaining her weight back in a magazine at the doctor's office. She ate whatever she wanted and didn't exercise at all after her contract with Jenny Craig ended. She never got on the scale, and thought she was up to 190. Finally got on a scale and was 224! That's how easy it sneaks up on you. She's moved her gym equipment back into the living room from the garage and has a trainer again. She said she won't do it just by herself, but will push herself to the max with a trainer challenging her.


Hanlie said...

That doesn't sound good at all... You know me, I don't advocate taking every cough to a doctor, but if your strange symptoms persist, you should maybe have yourself checked out. But hopefully you'll be fine in the morning!

I don't get Kirstie Alley... What did she think was going to happen once she came off her diet?

Miz said...

Im with hanlie!!

(and you. in a way its nice that KA regained the weight in a nobrainer way. in a way we ALL LOOK AT and think: DUH. Had she kept on with her training etc and the weight slowly crept back & she'd wondered OMG HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! Id have been sad FOR HER.)

take care of you,


Diana said...

I feelt for KA, but was saddened that she talked about being overweight like that. I suppose it's good that she voices a lot of our feelings, but it put such a shame and total person negativity (like you're no good being overweight). My heart broke for her, but also all the people that could have learned from her.

I hope you feel better!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

It's amazing that someone who's in the public eye like that (and associated with weight loss like she is) would let themselves go like that.

I guess it can happen to anyone.

tisha said...

I agree with Diana about the shame and negativity. KA is in the spotlight again because she's trying to promote her weight loss AND her new line of diet products. She set unrealistic goals on the Oprah show and even Oprah tried to get her to lower the amount of weight she promised to lose by October. I'm not "buying" it.

As for you...I really hope you're feeling better soon. Listen to your body and sleep/nap if you need to. Take care.

Ro said...

I have those yucky days too.....

That is what I am most afraid of...after all this hard work..going backto my routine of NOTHING and gaining the weight back...felling balh all the's scary.
Im going to fight hard to keep my focus!

sybil said...

Hope you are feeling better and getting by ok w/o hubby around. Sounds like you've had a hard time of it lately. Here's wishing you sunshine, serenity and fun surprises.

As Felicity says.....HUGS!