Monday, June 22, 2009

Low fat snacking

Here's an interesting fact. And a good reason to stay away from those packaged "low-fat" snacks.

"Even those of us trying to picks "healthy" snacks are often fooled by packaging. For example, Cornell University researchers found that people tend to eat an average of 28 percent more calories when snacking on low-fat foods. After all, flavor has to come from somewhere, and when food marketers eliminate fat, they often make up for it with sugar. "

Check out the Survive any snack bar list from Men's Health


Diana said...

Never mind that they package those so that a snack size (or what one might consider snack size) is 3 servings! Just saw that the other day. Crazy stuff.

Patty said...

And on top of that, they are so over priced for what you get.

Melissa said...

I used to find myself seduced by the fancy 'low-fat' packaging, but no more! It really helped me once I learned to read the nutritional information. Now I feel much more nutrition-literate!

Mrs. Sheila said...

Yep.. for me it is like "what's the point" if I have to eat more of it to be full. I usually enjoy a cheese stick, celery w/ laughing cow cheese, a spoon of peanut butter. All good choices, and because of the fat within in them ` they tide me over very well.