Monday, October 12, 2009

Feeling better

Hubby and I both feel better after the visit with the electrical heart doctor this morning. He doesn't think I need to do anything else. He said I could stand for extended periods to help train my body to cope with that and not faint. But he said my heart beats regularly and is strong, it just beats a little faster than most other people. He recommended I continue with exercise at whatever level I am comfortable and is going to talk to the other doctor about stopping the monitoring since they got plenty of good info already. I LIKE this guy. ;-) This was the kind of appointment I was expecting last week. Oh, and this guy also said that if the beta-blockers I'm taking make me feel fatigued, stop taking them.

I got up early this morning with less than 8 hours of sleep so I did not step on the scale. Will weigh in tomorrow.

Regarding the movie we saw last night, yeah, it was pretty scary. A few good jumps and lots of creepiness. (Just wish they didn't have to pepper every movie with so much bad language. Although my language might not be squeaky clean if I was being haunted by a demon either!) Not the scariest movie we've ever seen. We were talking about that on the way home. I think my scariest is "What Lies Beneath" because things under water totally creep me out. Gothika is a close second. Kisa said Quarantine was hers and Ken couldn't decide. The end of Paranormal Activity was NOT a satisfying end to a creepy movie. It didn't have everything all wrapped up in a little bow and that's kind of cool.

More REALLY good words from DENISE AUSTIN
"Go at Your Own Pace!
Okay, here's a news flash: You're one of a kind! No one in the world is exactly like you. And being unique is a fabulous thing! It's important to keep this in mind whenever you start spouting gloom and doom about how much longer it's taking you to lose those last 10 pounds than your jogging partner, or why your legs aren't shaping up quite like your gym instructor's. Instead of thinking negative, be positive and have more faith in yourself and your hard work!

You have your own healthy-weight range, based on your height and metabolic rate, which determines how quickly your body burns calories. Furthermore, different body types respond to exercise in different ways. If you're pear-shaped, which typically means that you carry most of your weight in your hips and thighs, you may never achieve the same athletic tone as someone who's naturally lean. It's just not physically possible. And you know what? That's perfectly fine!

The last thing you should be doing is comparing yourself with others or obsessing about the number on the scale. Focus on achieving your weight-loss goals on your own time line. Do what's right for you, and relish each and every accomplishment!"


Anonymous said...

congrats on the good news from the doctor! woo hoo!!!! :)

Diana said...

Great about the doc easing things up :)
Thanks for the movie review. I will wait till it comes out on video...and I can pick my feat up off the couch! (that's the worst...stupid scarry movies that have messing with you when you sleep or with your feet hanging off the edge of the bed is the worst!)

Mama Bear June said...

Diana, I'm with you! I told my daughter, "Ain't no way my feet would be outside the covers. If I'm under the covers, they can't get me." LOL

My son did not go to bed last night. He and some friends stayed up talking on Xbox live because none of them wanted to turn out lights and go to sleep. These are adult young men, not kids. ;-)

Georgia Mist said...

Great news from the Doc! I am very happy for you!

Cammy said...

Good news on the doc visit!

My scariest movie was "Carrie." In fact, it was the last scary movie I saw. I think it was 1976. :)

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Anonymous said...

Can you just stop taking beta blockers cold turkey?
No matter what happens, know that the Lord IS working. Praying!
Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
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Rachel said...

I love Denise :)
I'm so glad you got good news! Hope you're feeling better about the whole situation.

Cere said...

Those are some very good words from Denise. Very True, and I'll be printing out that last paragraph and putting it where I can see it every day.

Anonymous said...

That's fabulous news from the Dr!!

We just saw Trick 'R Treat...I didn't find it scary. It's hard to find one that really spooks me!

I'll have to rent this one to see what I think!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch scary movies AT ALL. lol! My hubby works nights, so the last thing I need is to hear my cat playing in the hallway and freak out or something! LOL!!

Glad to hear all went well at the drs, and Denise Austin is great isn't she? :)

Taryl said...

Here's to your health! That is so wonderful that you can continue with an active lifestyle with no apparent issues. Congratulations!

natalie a said...

thanks for checking out my blog - it was nice to learn a bit about you, sorry about your health problems but A++ on the attitude I completely agree what works for some doesn't work for others we need to be masters of our own bodies and know what is the best for ourselvesw - great statement!!!

Christine said...

Yeah "What Lies Beneath" really got into my head. I couldn't even look at a Harrison Ford movie for like 2 yrs after that one!

I love, love, love the Denise Austin article. The last paragraph is my favorite.

I hope things continue to go well with your heart condition. ♥

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

You must be so relieved after that visit to the doctor. I've been thinking about you and wondering how things were.

I confess that I don't watch scary movies. My husband loves them though!

Take care,

Karen said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're finally starting to feel better! Here's to that trend continuing.

I have a love/hate relationship with scary movies. I usually work myself up BEFORE I see the movie and anticipate pure terror. The movies never quite live up to that level of fear, so I always leave a little disappointed. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! on your good doctor's report! It's always nice when you get good news from the doctor. Also, your brave.I cant watch any scary movies,LOL. I will have nightmares for an entire month. LOL. Oh and thanks for posting the positive words of encourgement by Denise. I really needed that. Also, I want to thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog! I'm meeting so many new people and it's great! :-)

Kat said...

That is great news from the dr! I am happy for you and glad you are feeling better. Thank you for sharing the Denise Austin wisdom - it is a good reminder not to compare our progress to others and to go at our own pace.