Monday, December 3, 2007

Health - not good!

Saw the doctor today and over the weekend my cough was really kicking it into gear. I've been exhausted. The doctor told me I'm a "very sick girl." Yeah, I figured that, doc. He said I have sinusitis, fluid behind my ear, mucus dripping down into my throat and broncho-spasms (said my lungs were squeaky.) Woohoo. Not. So I got Advair, Albuterol, Zithromax and Prednisone. Plus he told me to get mucinex and do nasal washes twice a day. Also to get my flu shot, which they were doing in the lobby of the hospital today. Oh, and no exercise for a while - doctor's orders! I'm supposed to get lots of rest. Bleah. I asked him about weight loss and told him what I've been doing. He said that it's a healthy diet, but to lose weight I'd have to give up carbs. Yeah, ain't gonna happen. I don't think that's healthy. I'm going to continue using the Abs Diet and just cope with the slower loss. Maybe I'll find a nutritionist I can consult.

Friday night, Saturday night and all day Sunday, my husband and I were attending training to become NRA Basic Pistol Trainers. We had to do a few presentations and that was so not fun with this cough. It continues next weekend. It's been fun, but a lot to cope with when feeling crappy. Hopefully by the weekend I'll be a lot healthier.


Heather said...

wow you ARE sick, lol! I really hope you feel better and all the meds work for you.

I am shocked that the dr would even suggest cutting out a food group, you are right, that is not healthy at all. you keep doing what your doing if its working and it sounds healthy to me! you have enough sense to know bad advice (even if its from a dr). there are some really great carbs out there.

Mama Bear June said...

Yeah, my husband is living proof that you don't have to give up carbs to lose weight. He's lost 100 pounds and carbs ARE a part of his diet. I'll take the medical advice on my illness, but as far as dieting goes, I consider that doc a quack. :-P Maybe I should write the author of the Abs Diet since I've promoted it so strongly. ;-)

Melonie said...

There's got to be something else going on - you're right - cutting out carbs ENTIRELY sounds nuts, especially from a doctor. Hmm.

Did he offer to test your thyroid at all? I'm no doctor *ha ha* but I've read in the past that thyroid issues can cause weight gain, weight loss (depending on hyper or hypo) - so it just makes me wonder if a thyroid issue could *affect* weight loss as well? I'll ask my hubby too - he knows lotttts about this sort of stuff. We are planning to hit the library here on Sunday - if I can find a copy of the Abs Diet I'll grab it, show it to him and ask him for you. (I keep trying to convince him to do a fitness blog or become a personal trainer but he's still mulling it over. haha) Maybe he'll have some suggestions.

I do hope you're feeling better soon - and that is hilarious about the 0730 phone call from the doc while you're supposed to be resting. Ah well, at least he checked, I suppose. Most don't. ;-)

Enjoy the pistol course - when we get back to WA that is tops on my "to do" list. Not even gonna bother here in Cali though. According to the rental management company I'm not even allowed to own a gun.

Personal rights? What are those???? ;-)

Lady Shanny said...

That's weird about the doctor! But then, doctors are people too and some people are assinine! Good for you for sticking to your plan. You're right, if slow is the way it has to be then that is the way. If it is something that you can see sticking with forever then there is no reason why you need to switch gears. Sustainable and healthy are the two words he should be saying.

That and FLUIDS and SLEEP! So sorry to hear that you're that sick! And at this time of year especially. Be kind to your body and don't try to rush the recovery, it can just take longer or come back again.