Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday weigh in - 194.8

Drumroll, please! 194.8! Woot! Only .4 above my all time low. Can you count it when you're sick, though? Yeah, I will. LOL The doctor called to check on me at 7:30. I thought you wanted me to REST, doc! Sheesh. Went back to sleep for a little while, then the phone rang again. Sigh. Might as well get up. It's really hard not to do stuff when I'm home. I want to vacuum, clean my bathrooms, put the Christmas boxes away, etc. etc. Making myself sit.


Heather said...

well even though you are sick, that is great! even if you show a slight gain when you are back to full health, it will just be from water weight because I bet you are so dehydrated right now and being sick takes a lot of you.

Jennifer said...

Oh, congratulations! I'm bloated and hate my scale. It is that time of the month, though. :-P