Wednesday, January 9, 2008

5 Flat Belly Foods

From an article in Prevention - read it, it's fascinating! Foods high in monounsaturated fat (MUFA) actually help you lose belly fat.

1. Nuts and seeds - macadamia nuts contain the highest level.
2. Oils - Olive and canola are good, safflower has the most MUFA
3. Avocado - denser Hass variety packs twice as much as the bright green-skinned FL varieties
4. Chocolate - dark and semisweet are MUFA rich and high in antioxidants
5. Olives - green ones offer more belly-fat-fighting fat than black ones


Jan B said...

Olives, I love olives!

Heather said...

I love Olives too I always forget about them too. Thanks for the reminder! :) MMM! everythint is good here. :) I've been eating alot of Macadamia nuts but not too much additive! :) I love Avocado but haven't ever had it at home, only at a mexican rest like a year ago. Thanks for the belly tips! Hugggers, Fit New England Chick AKA Heather P.

Anonymous said...

i can't seem to grow a likeness to olives even though my family constantly tell me they are delicious.
i want to thank you for your amazing comments and support- i dont know how i would be able to go through this without such kind words and advice. it is people like you that make losing weight possible!!!- Amanda

Tiffany said...

I surely miss my flat belly. I hope to have it back some day!

Heather said...

oo very good..chocolate is on there, lol!

curvyjones said...

Thanks for your words of encouragement today!

Bev said...

Yay for chocolate lol. =0

Melonie said...

So is it double kudos if you eat dark chocolate-covered macadamia nuts then? (Please say yes! lol)

Just wanted to pop by and say hi and happy new year since I haven't been around much. I can't believe we're not even to 15 Jan and I am already swamped. Augh!

Hope Aunt Flo treated you kindly overall. She wasn't too horribly awful to me this visit except for day 1, but I was also far from a scale - which was probably a good thing at that point. ;-)

Best wishes for a wonderful 2008 for you and yours!!!