Tuesday, January 8, 2008


After my downward trend, I started an upward one. I'm journaling more thoroughly to track my calorie intake. I've still kept up my exercise trend. Trying to lift weights, but still having back and neck problems. But maybe I've been adding a little muscle. Measurements are all the same. We'll see what tomorrow's weigh in brings. It tends to fluctuate this time of month. As irritable as I've been, it's got to be getting close to my period. :-P


Bev said...

LOL, hang in there! =0

byebyechunkymonkey said...

ARGH... the joy's of being WOMAN.

Jan B said...

June, I am dealing with the same here. I have been doing crunches and weight lifting and the crunches are making my jaw click from all the neck stress and now I have sciatica and I think it might be from the leg lifts. I am going back to just walking. I don't get hurt walking.