Thursday, July 10, 2008

Health report

With all of the fun of the past few days, I forgot to mention that the biopsies they took during the upper endoscopy last week were all fine.

And yes, the prep is definitely the worst part of a colonoscopy, but this is a VERY important test to get done. (And the doctor said only about 5% of people have the "difficult" colons like me!) ;-) Colon cancer is very treatable when caught early. If you wait until you have symptoms, it's often too late. So don't put it off, especially if you've had any kind of cancer in your family. My grandpa had colon cancer, it was caught early and he lived for many more years. He died of a heart attack, not the cancer.

I bought a new bike seat at Walmart today and am going to try that out. Also got a speedometer/odometer and a bag for carrying cell phone, etc. The local bike shop didn't have the padded shorts on hand and they cost $70. I'm not too keen on having him order them not knowing how the sizes work. So I'm going to try the new seat. The guy at the bike shop mentioned adjusting the tilt of the seat for comfort, too. So I'll try those things first.


Slenderella said...

Hope the new bike seat works out for you. Sounds like you've got some serious biking ahead of you. Happy biking!

Cammy said...

I lost my best friend to colon cancer three years ago, so this is definitely a test I won't skip!

Glad you've got your bike all tricked out!

Diana's Body Journey said...

Well said! These tests are not comfortable (and others...we all know them), but early detection is the key to surviving cancer. You don't want to wait or take it for granted.

My bike would hurt me too. The gel seats (I have the slip on) can really help. Have a good time biking :)

Manuela said...

I've got a nice comfy wide seat on my bike and I never hurt after riding--even after more than an hour.

70$ for a pair of shorts--Yikes! I bet the seat will make a difference.

Good luck!

Irish Mom said...

Congrats on the negative test!! My last bike had a painful seat, my new one is MUCH better!! $70 ia wayyyy to much for shorts, maybe check out some online stores.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your colonoscopy went well!! My hubby had one done and the prep really was the worst part!! Glad you made it through that part.

Katschi said...

Boy, it's all about the tushie with you right now ;)
Good to hear you're clear.
While I haven't had one done myself (I know) I've seen what my poor mum had to go thru for the prep. She would concur: NOT pretty!
A good bike seat can make all the difference...if your tush isn't happy...
Hope it works