Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rev up your metabolism

From Denise Austin

Rev up your Metabolism!

Want to give your metabolism a boost? While a pill or potion won't do it, there are ways to increase your body's calorie burn-rate! To keep your metabolism at top speed, use these tips from researchers at Moses Taylor Hospital in Pennsylvania:

* Don't skip meals or snacks, especially breakfast — you'll activate your body's starvation response and actually slow your metabolic rate! Small meals throughout the day keep your furnace burning at a steady pace.
* Go aerobic — choose a routine with enough intensity to make a difference! Walking, biking, cross-country skiing, swimming, and step aerobics are all good choices.
* Exercise for at least 30 minutes — after a half-hour, your body starts tapping into stored energy (a.k.a. fat) to keep moving!
* Shake it up — change your workout every six weeks. Your body will have to work harder to adapt to a new routine!
* Avoid alcohol and smoking — both keep your body from burning belly fat!


FV said...

When I gave up alcohol for my diet my husband was in shock and a little sad. I won't even take a sip because I am on Atkin's and although others have experienced negative things I have not. No high cholesterol etc. I have lost 8 pounds already and that keeps me motivated. Also, I did cut the fat as well. I eat chicken breast with low fat and low fat vegetables. I don't eat as much red meat or starchy vegetables. I was reading the blood type book and my blood type doe say avoid the starchy vegetables.

ptg said...

I just walked 1.7miles on the track in the gym our business is attached to since I had a lull in my patient schedule.

Felt good to get moving.

Dottie said...

I'm working on that first one. I've been really trying to get the breakfast in. I'm finally beginning to hear my body's kinda weird, but cool because I think I'm finally gonna make this weightloss work! Thanks for stopping by! The bike looks awesome too!

Pattie said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing them.

Slenderella said...

Good tips. I haven't really changed my exercise routine, but maybe I should.

40 by 40 said...

Great advice! Thanks! Although I do like the quick fix or a pill /potion..I guess that's not reality. Will have to put some of these into motion! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips! Have a great week!

tas said...

Thanks for the tips. Hope you are feeling better. Congrats on the great job you did on the exercise challenge. WOW!!!!