Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer travel

I was happy to get a chance to visit with a friend from high school who lives in the same KS town as our nephew and his family. Looking at the photos of us, I realized - I have a HUMONGOUS head! No wonder I can't wear too many hats. LOL

My great niece is my very special buddy. She's a cute little munchkin and we had fun reading books together and playing a Littlest Pet Shop board game. Her little brother showed me how awesome he is on the Wii Mario Kart. (Obviously, even mineral makeup doesn't cut the SHINE I get in the higher humidity. And I know there are lots of places more humid, and I don't like ANY of them. I'll take my mountains, thank you very much!!!!!!)


Jamb said...

Oh! Stop it! You look great, don't tear yourself down. The Wii looks like fun, Jon wants one. Sounds expensive though.

Slenderella said...

So great to get to visit a high school friend!

Your great niece looks so sweet! How fun to hang out with kids.

I have the oiliest skin, and it doesn't take much humidity to get me sweaty, ugh!

BTW: you look fabulous in the pics!

Diana's Body Journey said...

Oh, Wii's are so much fun! We have a PS3 rays won for us a while ago.

You look great.

Cammy said...

You look fantastic--so happy! I'm glad your trip went so well!

Anonymous said...

You are your very worst enemy!!!! I think you look wonderful!!
I only wish I could lose as much weight as you have!!

Safe travels back home -- leave the humidity back east!! :-)


Scale Junkie said...

You look beautiful! As to the humidity, I just call it my summer glow.

Anonymous said...

HAHA wow i feel the same way! i live in a place of extreme humidity too! i am so jealous of you and your mountains! i plan to move up to the smokey mountains in a few years and cant wait to get out of the insane humidity! it is at least 40% humidity everyday so i understand completely!