Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A needle in the neck

Wow, so not fun, but definitely not the worst thing I've ever experienced. :-P I've got a lump and a good bruise on my neck. It only hurts if I touch it so I try to remember not to! Not sure when I'll get the results. I always forget to ask those kinds of things.

I felt pretty yucky all day yesterday so I didn't get a mini-tramp workout in, but we did go to dance in the evening and spent an hour doing the foxtrot. This morning I did the mini-tramp circuit training and one of the resistance bands snapped. The gal on the dvd is probably only about 5ft tall so when she stretched them out over her head, they went all the way up and I could only get them up to my shoulders. I may be able to get replacement tubing and I'll definitely make it a little longer!

Had a chiro adjustment today (greatly needed) and then went to my prep class for my 3rd colonoscopy. Ugh. I get to do a 2 day prep this time. And the doctor promised it would be safe and comfortable. Definitely what I needed to hear this time.

OH, and I had a thought while we were visiting the hematologist for my son and talking about the bleeding that's been going on around his mediport. The port is under the skin on his upper left chest. I realized that since he was hit on that side in his car accident I asked the doctor if he could have been bruised and the blood was dispersing around the port. The more I thought about it, the more I think that's what has been happening. When we put the needle back in Monday night, there was small bruising around the port. So far, so good, no more bleeding and his INR was at the desired level.


JM said...

Ouchies. *hugs*

Diana's Body Journey said...

I think "ouchies" was the best response.
*hugs* from me too!