Thursday, September 4, 2008

Portion Distortion

From Denise Austin:

Portion Distortion!

Did you know that most restaurants have increased the average serving sizes and calorie counts of many foods by 100 to 300 percent (or more) since the 1950s? On top of that, the average dinner plate has increased from 10 inches to 12.5 inches in diameter. It's true! No wonder the FDA claims Americans are becoming supersized!

Don't fall victim to the "get more for your money" mentality. Take a look at the then and now totals for these common foods:

Food Then Now
Soda 6 oz./85 calories 20 oz./300 calories
Chips 1 oz./150 calories 1.75 oz./260 calories
Pasta 2 cups/280 calories 4 cups/560 calories
Burger 2-oz. patty & bun/270 cal 4-oz. patty and bun/430 calories
Fries 2 oz./210 calories 5 oz./540 calories


Diana's Body Journey said...

Right! It's kind of sad. And, when I ask the waiter to bring out a doggie box/bag with dinner (b/c people like to finish what's on their plate no matter what) they NEVER do it for me. I'll even ask several times. Ugh.

Donnalouise, Donna or DC said...

"For only 50cents more you can get an X-Large...!!!" It's almost too easy at times...

Melissa said...

My husband and I often share meals and it started out to save money but it saves calories for us both. We have also stopped ordering soda at our fave chinese place because they charged $2 each...I can tell now that by drinking water I am not eating as much from the buffet. Water is more filling than d. soda and doesn't turn on the cravings.

I have always struggled with the clean plate syndrome because I was chastised ALOT as a kid for not eating all my dinner. I don't do that with my kids but I find myself pushing to not leave anything I have a 14 yr old tall skinny kid who is more than happy to eat my leftovers. lol

Anonymous said...

yeah portions are my one big problem now! i have the right foods things down pat but when i am sitting down to food, i still have trouble stopping at the proper amounts if i didnt do it specific when cooking!