Monday, July 20, 2009

Another day, another penny - HYC check in, too

Today went pretty well. Finally got to talk to some REAL doctors. ;-) They were talking about the criteria for going home. The hematology docs are OK with him going home and giving himself Lovenox injections once a day until his coumadin level is high enough. If we stay here, they will continue the IV heparin and no injections are needed. Pulmonology docs want him to feel better and tolerate airway clearance before going home. They say another week may be necessary. I told them that would not be good for ANYONE's health if Kendall misses the tournament he's supposed to be in this weekend. (The nutritionist said she wanted him to gain weight before going home. I told her to put that on her Christmas wish list.) Kendall told me he would ACT like he felt better. Good news, he was able to move his left elbow today when the physical therapist was working with him. So hopefully that left arm will soon be back to normal. It was rather scary when he couldn't move it at all! His weight was down to 113, his goal weight is 140. Sigh. Wish I could give him a few of my pounds! No idea what my weight is currently, but I'm not worried about it. Making the healthiest choices I can in these circumstances!

Skechers ShapeUps - a frustrating search in Denver, Colorado! I got directions and went to the mall where they have a Skechers store. They had NO size 11s and NONE of the Mary Jane style. (I could have called and got that info, but it was good to get out of the hospital!) What's really weird - that style is no longer on their website either! WTH! The guy was very nice at the store. He said that none of the stores have received the MJ style and they were on every poster they had of the new shoes. So a lot of people have been asking for them. And he said that he had 3 other women come in that day looking for size 11s! Believe it or not, he said the most popular sizes are 5s and 11s. Well then, I said, they should STOCK more size 11s! Wouldn't ya think? There's another store on the south side of the city that also carry them, it's a different style of Mary Janes, though and he said he'd called them earlier and they did have a size 11 in the toffee color. Those don't look quite as sturdy for walking as the other style. I tried on a sneaker in a natural color that he had in a size 10, but it was just a little too short. My toenail was rubbing against the tip of the shoe. But they are definitely COMFORTABLE! I guess you are only supposed to wear them for 30 minutes at a time until you work up to longer. He said one lady wore hers for 4 hours the first time and got VERY sore calves. Her hubby came in and bought some for himself. I could definitely feel it working my still sore calves. :-)

So when I got back to the hospital, I went back to the website and searched by size. They only had the black sneaker in my size when I'd have rather had white. The natural wasn't too bad either. I did a store locator for Colorado Springs and Famous Footwear was listed in one of the malls near us, so I called them and asked if they carried 'em. They said no, but they could order them online and I'd still get the buy one, get one for half off special they are running.

But I figured, I want them soon and who knows how long it would take before someone got some in or they were available again on the website. So I ordered the black ones and figure by the time I need a new pair, maybe they will be more readily available. I will continue checking their website, too. I don't think I've ever paid $110 for a pair of shoes! Dang! But the guy at the store said that if they didn't fit right or I didn't like them, I could take them into a Skechers store to exchange them.

This morning I took a walk in the other Skechers I bought last night and they are a fairly nice walking shoe, too. I'm not sure my pedometer is accurate. It said I walked 3 miles in 35 minutes and I didn't feel like I was walking that fast. And the amount of steps may be off, too. I think I need to go buy one of the pedometers that "John is Fit" reviewed. These Walmart pieces of junk just aren't cutting it for me! :-P Walking around the hospital complex of buildings, there are some nice trails around. I also did a few stairs when I saw them outside buildings or along the walkway.

I'm an ordering fool. Just ordered the pedometer (John's favorite) PLUS the heart rate monitor made by the same compnay since a fast heart rate is something I've been dealing with lately. I did have a holter monitor on for two days last week and it included the all night visit to the ER, so it will be interesting to get the results. I don't think my heart rate was too high during that stressful time, but ya never can tell. I figured that was a good slice of what my life is sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I thought those shoes were over $200...or am I thinking of something else? I always need shoes in wide widths...I usually end up getting mens...
I need a pedometer that just knows my step length. Not sure I'm all that consistent with the steps and I hate not knowing for sure.
Continuing to pray!
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john - from fat to fit said...

I'm sure it will work great for you. Did you use your contest winnings to buy it?

Shelley said...

Glad your son is improving!

The sketchers sound like the MBT shoes that are popular around here, but less costly. I'll be interested to hear how your calves feel *and look* after wearing them!

Diana said...

I'm with Lynn...I have flipper feet, so finding shoes wide enough is a problem. *sigh* If enough of us have problems you'd think that they'd start ordering more!!

Good luck with your shoes! I hope the black ones work out well.