Saturday, July 18, 2009

Walking shoes

When in Breckenridge, I saw some walking/trail sandals by Keen that looked very comfy. But they didn't have my size there. (I wear an 11.) I looked at their website - and some of the styles DO go up to my size. Losing all this weight, I haven't lost any in my feet! ;-) (But I also was in an 11 before I gained the weight so I think it's a moot point!) I've also been interested in the Skecher Shape Ups. And when driving to the hospital yesterday, I saw a Skechers store just one or two exits down, so I may escape for a little shopping trip later. Those are weird looking, but I do like the looks of the Mary Janes. On the website, those are ONLY available in sizes 10 and 11 right now. How cool is that for us bigfeet!!!!??? LOL Their website has an instructional video with some exercises to get started with them.

Edit at 8pm - the store was a Skechers OUTLET, so they didn't have the ShapeUps yet. He said they should have them in a month or so. Then told me what shopping areas have them in Denver, but they aren't nearly as close to the hospital as this one. I got some cute black flip flops with a big heel for 30% off, then it was buy one pair, get the second 50% off. So I got some walking shoes and a pair of brown sandals which were a size TEN and fit me! :-) 3 pairs for $95 was pretty good, I thought. The ShapeUps alone are $110. Go me! :-D


Losing it in Vegas said...

I used to wear Sketchers to work. They are quite comfortable.

I have a size 10 wide foot too, so I know the feeling in trying to find shoes :(

Glad your son is doing better!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I gained weight in my feet with my first 3 pregnancies - 1/2 size each time until I ended up a size 10. At least as I gained up to 300 lbs I didn't keep gaining in my feet!

Sadly for me too, when I lost all the weight, my feet stayed big! Oh well - glad you found some shoes you like.

Sarah said...

OK, this 6 foods that keep you full and satisfied has made me want to go back to my original eating ways...when I was first losing the weight. I had oatmeal for breakfast, apples/peanut butter for lunch and eggs for dinner! That's 4 of the 6 foods!! The other two food items are avocados (not happening) and almonds ( I was eating sunflower kernels as a snack most of the time but did have almonds occasionally.)

And, this is another helpful article from Prevention which you have posted from so many times before!!

Anonymous said...

these shape ups have me intrigued.. i just heard of them. Must see if they're here in Can. they actually look really comfy.. i could be wrong??

Mama Bear June said...

Oh yeah, I was doing the 2 week turnaround workouts right before Mom died, so I never did finish that routine. Will have to dig out that Prevention Magazine and start again as soon as we get home from the hospital.

Amos, I will let you know as soon as I find a pair for me! ;-)
Path to Health

Cammy said...

I'm a size 10 shoe--never lost a centimeter in my feet through the whole 100 pounds. Okay, maybe a centimeter. I didn't measure that closely. LOL

I'm eyeing the shape-ups, too!

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