Thursday, July 30, 2009

Keepin' up

Yesterday I did get a walk on the treadmill in before my daughter and I went to visit our friends. It was a 3 hour drive, so made for a long day. It was a great visit in a beautiful location. We had some fun mother/daughter time on the drive and I made her mad with my driving. :-P We got home very late, so I only got about 5 hrs of sleep before having to get up to take my son to our regular doc to get a referral for a neuro-muscular specialist. She gave him some pain medicine and we're continuing chiro care, too. That doc is seeing improvement, so that's good.

When we got home from the morning app't, we both crashed for a few hours until we had to get up to get to the chiro. Got a new battery for my heart rate monitor and it works great. When I got home I did 45 minutes on the treadmill. My highest heart rate was 160. (My max is supposedly 171.) Oh, I also picked up the report from the cardiology clinic this morning. It said "narrow (questionable, can't read the handwriting well) complex tachycardia." I asked the tech what that meant and she said it was occasional fast heart rate, but for any further info I'd have to go to my doctor to talk about it. :-P Also did my ultimate abs ball workout this evening.


Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

Mom/Daughter time is so precious... made me miss my mama!

I'm gonna pray that your son continues to improve!!

Linda said...

Thanks for your comment! I am so sorry I haven't commented for such a long time, things have been going on which are, that I have taken my youngest son, James out of school and I am now homeschooling him. This was a HUGE step for me as homeschooling is not very popular in the UK and I don't know anyone around me that homeschools their children so this all made it that bit more daunting to me but we have been getting into the swing of things and I have my first home visit from the home education officer in September to give me any advice that I may need. I am looking forward to him coming to visit, I so want his approval on my homeschooling, SO, that is what has been going on lately, well that and the fact that we are still sorting out another problem which is Identity theft in both mine and my husbands name and the person who has done this is my eldest sons girlfriend, it is in the hands of the police.

Anyway, thanks for still being there.

Hugs x

Hanlie said...

Well done for keeping up with the workouts!

Sarah said...

so, besides being unusable, his arm hurts as well? that stinks!
so, what did you do that made Kisa mad? I'm curious.

Bev said...

Keep it up! :) I have a fast heartbeat also, it gets up to 190 when I exercise at high intensity. When I was in the hospital they thought their machine was broke but after they brought another one in, they realized it wasn't LOL. I normally keep my workouts above 150 now, since my heart is different than the average person.

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