Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend in Breckenridge

Had a fun weekend in Breckenridge with my sister and her family. Her hubby's boss has a house up there and it's gorgeous! We did a couple hikes on Saturday and I was there to take their family photo so we were scouting locations for that. That evening we went looking for wildlife but only saw one fox on the road right outside the house! We had a few encounters with mosquitoes so I have an itchy spot.

Yesterday my hubby and I stayed later, walked downtown Breck, then drove up through the Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park, looking for moose! We were successful! Saw a mama and baby, then two elk, then another moose while on the west side. Unfortunately I didn't take my telephoto lens and tripod, so the photos are a little far away, so not perfect when zoomed in, but you can still tell what the animals are. During the elk encounter, I slid down a hill and landed on my butt. No injuries, just a little jolt. Did one hike on the west side in the valley, then walked up to the peak at the visitor's center on the top of the mountain. It was very windy and COLD - about 55, but the wind chill factor had to be a lot lower. My pedometer logged more than 10,000 steps for the day.

Got a holter monitor attached this morning. Hope to find out what's going on with my heart. I don't think it's a heart issue, but we'll see.

Will post photos later.


Patty said...

I can not imagine what 55 degrees feels like right now! Looking forward to the pictures.

I sure hope you find out what is going on with your health, June. Sending healing vibes!!

SeaShore said...

I hope the holter is useful in finding our what's going on.